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MORPHIC FIELDS - 25/10/2002

WILLIAM GLYN-JONES on geometry and Morphic Fields…

Crop circle researchers/writers occasionally make use of modern mathematical or scientific ideas to help them with their theories and explanations. It cannot be denied, for instance, that some of the designs are fractal in nature.

But there is one modern scientific theory that has not been applied, and it is time that it was, because it is the key to the whole thing. This is the theory of ‘morphic fields’, which became a necessity to account for apparent statistical anomalies in the development of animal behaviours, the formation of crystals in newly developed chemicals, rates of human learning, and even biological evolution.

Briefly, the evidence points to the fact that new animal behaviours are not simply passed on directly from animal to animal through observation and imitation, but are, in fact, somehow embedded into a collective non-physical morphic field bank for that particular species. So each species has a collective record, in non-physical fields, of all its behaviour patterns. These patterns are described as habits, because repetition of a pattern leads to stronger fields. When an animal does something, it makes it easier for others to do the same thing. And the same is true of crystals forming in newly-manufactured chemicals, as has been shown by the sudden simultaneous appearance of crystals in newly developed chemicals, once the first has formed, amongst separately developed and sealed batches on other sides of the planet. There is simply no physical explanation for this kind of thing. And it gets even more interesting, because it turns out that our own ideas are subject to the same process. An example of an experiment that suggests this was when western children were set the task of learning three Japanese nursery rhymes, one traditional, one newly composed, and one that was gibberish. The traditional one was easiest to learn. This is because it was already an established habit. If there can be strong or weak morphic fields, then this must extend to the morphic fields of our ideas. The key to so much, and the link that people seem to have missed, is that if something is universally intelligible, then it has very strong morphic fields. This is common sense. If repetition creates strong fields, then in the realm of ideas those ideas that are universally intelligible will be strong, logically. An irrational and irregular idea is not going to be repeated throughout eternity, because it is not based on a universal language. Mathematics is universally intelligible and eternally unchanging. Therefore a sacred geometric pattern that is both pleasing and mathematically derived is going to be a veritable angel in the morphic field realm - eternal, ever growing, ever richer. In other words, the form, as an idea, is like a species, and its morphic field records all the significances, all the curiosity, appreciation of harmony, the complete gamut of this pattern's history throughout its life in the collective mind.

Now consider what happens when a crop circle appears in a field in Wiltshire. Within hours a buzz goes around the local croppie community. Rumours spread to ‘The Barge Inn’, photos go up, it is marked on maps, it appears on web sites on the Internet - sometimes within a day - and all around the world it becomes famous, particularly if it is impressive and seems to defy the limits of human capability. Then it appears on postcards, on T-shirts, in crop circle calendars, in books, on videos, and it is discussed in crop circle symposiums. In short, its morphic fields record an enormous amount of interest, wonder, curiosity, excitement, and appreciation. Because like resonates with like, anyone who has these feelings at the 5D level has the choice of going 6D and resonating through their own appreciation with all that other appreciation recorded in morphic fields, and, of course, this amplifies, deepens, broadens and enriches their own feelings in an exponential explosion of love. This is why croppies get so into it! What all this implies is that looking for one particular meaning is rather limited, rather mean. It is preferable to resonate with those embedded strata of lofty feelings and creative thoughts, to see the Universal within the ‘Particular’, as the Hermes Trimigestus advises. Look at the crop circle and see in your mind's eye not just your own perceptions, but the light-form records of everyone else's thoughts too; in fact, the complete history of the shape, beyond time, for, being mathematically derived patterns, such as fractals or sacred geometric shapes, they come with already existing strong morphic fields even before they are celebrated by us. For a start, they record the creative passions of the artists who put them there.

So the patterns themselves are not generally intended as messages with a particular meaning. I do, however, think that some of the additional motifs that accompany the patterns are there to help us understand the mystery. Not solve the mystery of their formation - that may well be beyond us for a long time - but to understand the mystery. The ‘thought bubble’ motif and the ‘key’ motifs that have appeared in hundreds of formations are there to tell us that these patterns exist as ideas - Platonic Forms - and that they are keys to morphic field libraries of embedded wonder. Equally, the ‘Angel’ crop circle formation of 2001 was there to tell us that each crop circle is an angel. The word 'angel' is linked to the 6th dimension of morphic fields and sacred geometry because it comes from the word 'angle', and tells us that geometric patterns are alive, dynamic, and full of light.

Understanding that crop circles are rich in morphic fields shows us why crop circle investigative adventures are rife with synchronicities. Once we have accepted that a behaviour pattern can derive from a non-physical idea, then it is also easy to accept that events themselves can be described by, and manifested from, a language of non-physical light. Patterns precipitate into 3D from 6D, and this is what synchronicities are - events that show a causality that has no physical explanation, but is synchronized with internal ideas. Crop circles activate 6D through our minds, and this activation leads to more synchronicities - leading to magical adventures in the fields of Wiltshire!

The fact that evidence strongly suggests that morphic fields record and account for patterns of crystal growth shows us that chemicals are, like events, structured by the precipitation of pattern from the realm of these fields, like snowflakes drifting down on a winter's day. Morphic field theory therefore explains the experiments which showed that when water was left in crop circles, the water molecules arranged themselves into the pattern of the formation! Clearly there was a strong localized field around the crop circle which affected the water at a molecular level. This is transubstantiation, and it is fascinating to discover that the Eucharist / Grail Rite performed in Glastonbury was done inside a circle arranged into a universal sacred geometric pattern, as showed by John Michell in ‘New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury’. Christ, like Dionysos before him, performed the Eucharist as a transubstantiation of the wine - now we can see that this is literal, however many meanings have subsequently been given to it.

Interestingly, there is channelled support for the idea that crop circles are here to teach us how to alter molecular structure.

The next question is obvious: can we put this chemical alteration to good use? Well, it certainly seems, from the scientific evidence, that the answer is 'yes'. Results collected have shown major increases in crop yields from crop circle grain, increases that continued over several subsequent generations. This is clearly far preferable to genetic modification, because when evolution is altered by physical manipulation of DNA, there is no new morphic light field to support and invigorate the new life form, so they are weak in life force. Remember, Plato said that things in the world derive their essence from their idea.

And then we come to another question: can we use similar techniques to alter our own blood, turning it into the Blood of Christ, as it were? Is this why channelled and perennial wisdom traditions put so much stress on our sitting in sacred circles created by sacred geometry? Can we, like the Egyptian creator god, rise up self-created on the Primordial Mound? In other words, can we direct our own biological evolution with thought and intention and feeling?

I would suggest that this is what it is all about, and this is why the six-petal Genesis Flower forms the basis of so many of the crop circles. We are being shown the Gene of Isis, who is Sirius.



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