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GOING FOR A SONG - 21/10/2002

Crop circles have inspired songwriter HELEN...

I am contacting you about a song that I have written, called ‘Talking Circles’.

Some time ago I read a story in the newspaper of these weird circles in cornfields, where there was no evidence of how they were made. It was a complete mystery, that has still not been solved.

I wrote some lyrics of what I believed they were all about, and my friend Debbie-Fox-Little composed the music. We entered the song into ‘Song of the Year’, which was organized by BASCA and it came fourth out of around seventeen hundred entries. We also entered it into ‘The Amnesty International, Earth Love Fund, and Songwriter Organization Worldwide’, and were sent a certificate that said our composition was placed in the top ten percent out of over 3,500 entries, from over 40 countries. Debbie is also the vocalist.

This song is now on my website, and if you would like to listen to it, here is the direct link to it:

The song is called ‘Talking Circles’, and along with it there are many other songs on different subjects that I have written. This is the actual address of my home page:

If there is anything at all that you could do to help me promote the song, then I would be more than grateful. The only 'croppie' apart from Suzanne Taylor who I know has heard the song is Reg Presley, who wrote the hit song 'Love Is All Around'. I sent it to him after hearing that he was interested in crop circles, and he actually telephoned me at home and asked me if he could use the song as a theme song for a TV film he was putting together about crop circles. He said the final decision would be in the hands of the producers. Unfortunately, the producer preferred Beethoven. How boring, and how typical...

The great thing about 'Talking Circles' is that even if you don’t believe in aliens, the sentiments of the song in relationship to the way we are killing our planet, still applies. This is what Suzanne had to say after listening to the song:

“The song sounds great - will check more later. It's beautifully done. Am going to keep it in my awareness for using it somehow. Have the English croppies heard it? Do you have it to sell? You could do something with it at crop circle conferences.”



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