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SAME OLD PUZZLES - 19/10/2002

ROB SHIELDS ponders the origins of crop circles...

After viewing the latest scientific research movie I would have to say that the evidence overwhelmingly points to ‘artificially created’. But the questions remain puzzling as to which ones are made by humans and which ones are made by very highly advanced beings.

The reason I say this is by the progression over the years and the increasingly complex designs up to advanced mathematics, geometry, quantum physics and metaphysics, some of which have never been in existence on earth before. In the last few years they have exceeded our consciousness and introduced new concepts to planet earth. Once they passed the Fibonacci ratio and then fractals and went on to advanced geometry it was at that point that I determined by deductive reasoning that they were not formed like snowflakes as some kind of natural phenomenon. But it is still somewhat puzzling as to who and how and with what these are created.

Are there advanced earthlings among us? Pyramids? Or are these the workings of interplanetary travelers just sending us a post card on their summer vacation? Please, whoever you are, will you help us to understand this communication?



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