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CANADA DRY - 23/10/2002

Crop circles make the front page of Canadian newspaper, to the delight of JASON TAYLOR. Info on a Canadian crop circle research group also follows...

I am an enthusiastic student of all things named paranormal, so I have read and watched a lot on TV and video. One thing I've noticed is that when they mention countries where such things as cattle (animal) mutilations, UFO sightings and crop circles are prominent, Canada is often (or always) left out of mention, but I can assure you we get our share of all these things. Somehow word of these events seems to be stifled from one country to another.

Congratulations to our newspaper ‘The Herald’ for having the confidence and integrity to publish this story and all the more for putting it on the front page. It stirred up some talk at the water cooler (so to speak) and the thing I find most baffling is the ability of people to read the facts about the heated nodes, the inability of stalk within the formation to germinate, the recorded electromagnetism present, etc, etc, etc and still insist "It's just a bunch of kids with boards." That's the part that's really scary to me.

You have a great website keep it up and don't forget Canada, I'd be happy to keep you informed.

JASON TAYLOR, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


There is in fact a thriving Canadian croppie group, the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network, Details follow for other Canadian enthusiasts out there. Their info reads:

“The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network is a non-profit research organization which has been investigating and documenting the crop circle phenomenon and other possibly related phenomena in Canada since 1995, creating a liaison between researchers, farmers, the public, the media and scientists in trying to solve this ongoing enigma.”


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