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TANIA WOODWARD has something important to say about this year’s Alton Barnes ‘dolphins’ formation…

I regularly subscribe to an e-mailing from James Twyman containing messages from the psychic children, children in the world who are offering profound messages at this time to help humanity. More recently, the messages have spoken of how connected humanity's fate is to the whales and the dolphins of the world and how we have been trying to destroy them, especially with the new devices being placed in the oceans for US national defence.

I began to try to sum up the messages, but felt that the best way to deliver the message was straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak, so I have put together several paragraphs sent by the children themselves. For me, this particular group of messages resonated strongly with this summer’s ‘dolphins’ formation in the East Field at Alton Barnes, and more generally with the whole crop circle phenomenon and the symbolic messages in the fields.

A few months ago, in the US, the Federal National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) approved the granting of "small take" permits to kill and harass whales and other endangered species for the US Navy's Low Frequency Active (LFA) Sonar. LFA Sonar makes sound pulses underwater that are the equivalent of standing next to a Saturn V rocket on take-off. The sound supposedly bounces off silent submarines miles away and echoes back to the LFA vessel. LFA Sonar and other active Navy sonars have been implicated in many cases of stranded and killed whales around the world. It is a dumb bomb that threatens marine life in our oceans. Alternative systems exist that do not have adverse impacts on whales and other marine life.

The children question this action:

"Why do you think this technology of yours is having this deafening effect on the whales and dolphins? It is because you intuitively know that they hold the key to your survival, and you don't want to HEAR the message they would offer. It's that simple. By stealing their ears you are stealing your own. The results could be devastating. Why would you do this? Because you do not yet understand how close you are to the TRUTH. And if you did, the part of you that is still afraid would use that fear to deny the reality you could enter at any moment. It is time for you to make a choice. Will you accept with your heart that you have everything you need to solve this and every problem? Or will you stuff cotton in your ears, deafen and kill the ocean creatures that could save you, and stay in the darkness of your own fearful mind?”

When I saw the East Field formation reported 14th August (see photo), I immediately saw the similarity of this symbolic message. The circles in the middle representing the sonar pulses, surrounded by the dolphins who represent our choices, as you will see from the continued message below:

The children suggest that:

"We have the power to change this, not politically, but through our consciousness. We asked you to join the Psychic Children who are strengthening the Grid right now and help us shift this current movement. It seems to be happening, but in a way we didn't expect.

Two amazing things have recently happened that deserve our attention. They are amazing because they are so different; in fact they happened on opposite sides of the world. One gives us hope, and the other shows the terrible consequences of our actions if we continue as we have. If we have interpreted this correctly, then it means we have a chance to CHOOSE AGAIN. If we make the choice for peace, not only for humanity but for all beings everywhere, then the first example indicates a new direction toward a new world. But if we continue to choose conflict, then the second example will strengthen the terrible momentum toward global catastrophe.

The first story comes from Sidney, Australia. A large pod of whales swam into Sydney Harbour and entertained a crowd of people for hours. It was an incredible event, and was reported all over the world. The second story comes from Cape Cod, USA where nearly the same number of whales beached, having lost their direction. Most of the whales died. Two very different stories that indicate one very important lesson:

We still have time! The universe is trying to show us that we have a choice. Which will we choose?

The fact that these two things happened at the same time in different parts of the world tells us that humanity has a unique opportunity. We stand on the brink of a "choice point," which means that two different worlds are existing side by side, and our emotions will decide which will remain. The scientists of the world have been speaking of these "choice points" for many years, though one such as this is very rare. The impact of our choice is beyond anything we can describe. All we can say is that your choice will reveal the path you will walk toward Grace and Enlightenment. The path may be difficult or it may be peaceful. It is up to you. The work the Children are doing right now is meant to make that shift peaceful, but the result will be the same either way. That is why fear is not appropriate, but caution is.

You have an important role to play in choosing which of these two experiences will rule. Think of the whales for a moment. One group gave its life to reveal the impact of our choices. Will their lives be given in vain? The other group took a step toward humanity, showing what is possible if we make the choice of peace. Do you remember when we [the Psychic Children] told you how you will be able to tell which path humanity has chosen? If the whales and dolphins begin interacting with humans in closer ways, then you will know you have chosen well. But if they retreat and die, then you will know that the road ahead will be very difficult. But your success is assured because the Truth cannot be denied forever. We only ask that you choose well, for today's children and tomorrow's. If you choose peace now and allow your minds to flow into that reality, then the political systems will adjust on their own, and you will see the results of that in the world.

Your emotions are the key. It is the tool you will use to draw the chosen world into your conscious experience. Your collective emotions have the ability to influence weather patterns and even end wars. You have done this many times without realizing it. If you continue claiming the world you want by "feeling" that world in your emotions, then it will be so. But if you continue to be influenced by the fear that is so present today, then the world will reflect that as well.

We, your Children, are asking you to choose love over fear. Then the whales and the dolphins will fulfil their role and give us back the information they store within each cell. It is so important that this happens. The circle of life cannot be broken now. Use your feelings of love to draw the reality you really want."

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