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LIGHT RELIEF - 22/10/2002

A new perspective on balls of light and chi energy, from PETER CHIN…

I wanted to offer an alternative view to what has already been brought up here. Together with a group of 10 people who practice Tai-Chi Chi Kung, recently I have visited the Wiltshire crop circles and slept overnight by one of the circles too. I have visited other crop circles in past years before.

Having practiced Tai-Chi for 30 years, and being sensitive to different kinds of chi energies, I believe that there are authentic crop circles that are not man-made and are made by balls of energies created by Light Beings. Ever since I was a child, I have had insights and dreams about these beings and I feel there are a lot of connections here with the balls of chi mentioned in the Taoist history of chi kung practice. So far, I have not read about this aspect of the crop circle phenomena.

I have learned and worked with Grandmasters of Tai-Chi Chi Kung in Asia. Like in the practice of Tai-Chi Chi Kung, I believe the only ways that anyone can verify are:

1) You are able to 'tune' in to the energetic levels in yourself first of all to sense where you are in your own point of view, whether you are coming from a mental and analytical point of perception or perhaps a UFO believer and you feel sentimentally inclined to believe it to be all true. And if you are only spiritually tuned in, your feet may not be on the ground when you return to give a cosmic explanation of what it all means. The mental point of view usually ends up with “It could be this theory or that theory, but at the end of the day I don't really know what this is all about and I am just going to put it aside” or “I am doubtful that this is...” The sentimental point of view is a reaction from being defensive about the belief that it is what they feel to be true and nothing else is going to taint that sentiment... Or the other extreme; “It is unknown and therefore I am afraid of it and will not have anything to do with it and carry on my life as if it does not exist.”

2) As the Scots say, “Proof of the pudding is in the tasting”; you can only truly know when you are in a knowing state of being, beyond belief and scepticism.

3) Staying physically grounded and centred even when the energies are powerfully flooding your being, you can know directly whether the energy presences are benevolent or malevolent.
For more than 8000 years, the Taoists and Tai-Chi experts have practiced the way of flowing with nature, so whatever force that is received can be neutralised and boomeranged back if necessary. In the Taoist philosophy, there have been mentions of the pearls of chi and the balls of chi energy that can be manifested externally and conserved or channelled. These energetic manifestations are usually demonstrated in the martial arts or healing projections of power, for example not being in the same physical room or physically hundreds of feet away, the balls of energy can be directed for either martial arts purposes or healing intentions.

4) Everyone in the group who went with me to the specific crop circle had positive and healing experiences.

If anyone is interested in this point of view, you are welcome to write to me at:



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