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DENIS (aka VADAR) looks closely at the remarkable construction of this year’s ‘DNA’ formation at Crooked Soley…

You might be interested in this email that I posted to a couple of news groups concerning what I believe to be one of the most significant crop formations to ever appear. I felt compelled to do the accompanying drawings to make the point clear, and you are welcome to make use of them as you please, although I suspect there will be better stuff available from the experts soon enough.

If I was living in the UK instead of in the outback Down-Under, I'm sure I'd spend most of my time hovering over Wiltshire in one of those hang-glider contraptions taking photos and landing for a quick investigation. Funny world though. Many Up-Overs seem to wish they were sunning themselves down here with their shirts off while galloping around the place on the back of a kangaroo.

I've posted this to more than one group in the hope that someone may offer a solution to this seemingly insoluble problem.

The accompanying photos & pics that should make sense of what I'm about to describe can be seen top right, and any and all errors in the freehand drawings are entirely down to my own ineptitude, but are clear enough to make the point I hope.

The sceptics are fond of quoting Sagan's dictum that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof", and I hope one of them will come forward with some such proof to explain the construction of this recent crop formation to those of us who dwell in darkest ignorance (ie. those of us who aren't gullible enough to believe the extraordinary claim that a couple of blokes with a rope and a plank could create a masterpiece like this in the middle of the night, when the only documented creations of plankers have taken much time in broad daylight - plus the transfer of undisclosed amounts of folding-stuff).

A large and complex circular formation was reported at Crooked Soley, nr Hungerford, Berkshire on 28th August 2002 with a huge central area that shows absolutely no evidence that anyone has ever stood there. It's pristine and untrampled. At harvest time, like now, the crop is very dry and easily damaged - but there's no sign of damage whatsoever.

The "rational" theory of crop circle construction is that someone stands in the centre holding a line, while someone at the other end goes round stomping down the crop with a bit of old plank. Well, not in the centre of this one; not unless they were hovering in mid-air with both feet off the ground.

An inner and outer circle contain a complex pattern rather like an old-fashioned lace doily. On close examination of the only aerial photo available as I write, the construction lines are clearly visible. 72 precise curved lines were carved in one direction, followed by 72 counterparts in the other direction. A total of 144 flawlessly placed curved lines, which play no part in the finished design, but are essential for its construction. Only then were certain areas folded down to finally make the pattern that we see. These original trace lines can be clearly seen, but I've drawn them in detail to leave no doubt about it.

I'm sure this is way beyond the skills of the known professional plankers. Any other suggestions?



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