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THE JUNG ONES - 21/10/2002

Dr REMO F ROTH offers his Jungian theory on UFOs and crop circles...

Perhaps you are interested in my theory on UFOs (also applicable on crop circles) on the basis of Wolfgang Pauli's (Nobel Laureate and ‘inventor’ of the Neutrino) psychophysical reality (which is beyond physics and depthpsychology) and Carl G Jung’s theory of synchronicity, see

By this theory the ‘aliens’ are replaced by this psychophysical reality in which time is eternal and space reduced to one point (which means also that it is the "everywhere"). Out of this ‘unus mundus’ (unified world), new creation comes and UFOs, crop circles and also the message of the ET face of Aug 15th come.

Hope you are interested in the above article (which is written in better English than this one...!)



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