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NOT SO FAST - 27/10/2002

ANDREAS MÜLLER and JONAH OHAYV offer evidence against a daytime appearance for the Beckhampton Gallops formation, cited in a previous Feedback entry...

I just read the feedback by C G Makarov about the evidence for the Beckhampton/Gallops 'Church Window' formation appearing within 75 minutes and I would like to share the results of my investigation about this rumour that circled around when the formation was discovered on July 28.

Soon after I heard about it I spoke to Tony Hughes. Tony is a local hang-gliding and microlight pilot and runs the 'Wiltshire Microlight Centre' at Yatesbury Field, which is the closest microlight airfield to the formation.

He confirmed that he had already seen the formation on his first flight passing this field that day (July 28) at about 9-9.30am. Taking this to be true, the formation was there since at least that time. [Mr Makarov believed it was not present at that time, but appeared after a meditation at the Devizes conference later that day.]

But how could the helicopter pilot that did the rides for the Wiltshire Crop Circle Weekend have missed it, while Tony did not?

The answer may be very simple: The helicopter pilots (I guess it was Fast Helicopters, based at Thruxton) are not local pilots. From my very own long years of crop circle flying experience (in helicopters as well as with planes and microlights) I know that you can easily miss a present formation, especially if it is a new one and not yet reported. It even happens sometimes that you are looking for a certain formation, but don't see it while it is actually right underneath... this happens also to local pilots who fly crop circle tours.

I do not feel myself a "nay sayer", and I agree that "There is absolutely NO WAY that any human being(s) could have created this huge, fabulous work of art in a period of 75 minutes in broad daylight!" - but with Tony's confirmation it seems that this formation did NOT occur under the thought circumstances.

I already hear voices claiming that Tony made this statement to debunk the formation, further brought into suspicious minds because he told the media this year that he thinks the crop circles are man-made.

Please do not get me wrong. It is not my intention to debunk anything, as I am sure there is a real phenomenon out there and it creates the most beautiful and fascinating mystery of our time. But we should not use weak/wrong arguments to support it as there are indeed very strong and
fascinating arguments in its favour.

ANDREAS MÜLLER, ICCA-The International Crop Circle Archive, Saarbrücken, Germany


Regarding the Beckhampton formation with three concentric circles and 76 lines emitting from the centre, I too was very interested in the synchronicity surrounding it, because we (about 175 people) had made a group Earth-healing meditation in three concentric circles at about 12:15pm. that day (Sunday, July 28th) at the Devizes crop-circle conference. So I further investigated the time of this formation's discovery.

Tony Hughes is a veteran microlight pilot with about 20 years of flying experience, who is frequently hired to fly over crop-circles. After an early exploratory flight that Sunday morning, he recorded in his log-book that he'd seen the formation at 9:05am - several hours before the young helicopter pilot saw it the first time.

I was very impressed with the formation on the ground and DO consider it genuine.



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