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ANDREWS – THE DEBATE - 27/10/2002

Some feedback on Michael Glickman’s recent articles on the theories of Colin Andrews…

I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for Mr Glickman's two-part article regarding Colin Andrews. Much thanks for your insight, intelligence and, above all, your genuine respect for the use of common sense in your study of this phenomena.



Although not so involved in crop circle research for the past couple of years, I have kept an eye on developments in the field. When I first heard the Colin Andrews claim that 80% of formations 'ARE' man-made, I allowed myself a little smile, for here once again was the man, 'the expert', who had ‘solved’ the phenomenon single-handed. During my years with the Centre for Crop Circle Studies, I found myself wondering about some of the people who claimed their interests were the solving of this event. In fact I have mentioned this on more than one occasion.

Colin Andrews has a personal agenda. This is the driving force behind his statements. It is 'Colin Andrews, THE Crop Circle Expert'. His backers, those who foot the bills and put up research budgets, want answers quickly and the 80% statement was designed as a headline-grabber. Strangely enough, his backers were from the USA and they wanted someone who they believed was a respected British crop circle researcher. Now, Colin Andrews has never been shy about stating his beliefs to others, and, of course, loves talking to the media about just how big an expert he thinks he is. Going to America, getting funding and appearing on TV over there has taken him way beyond even his wildest dreams. It seems to me that there are those who just seek an adoring audience and will do and say anything to ensure this idolising continues. Another so-called expert springs to mind, one of the original theorists, who now proclaims to know all about the ancient history and culture of Wiltshire!

In conclusion, it doesn't need Colin Andrews or any other 'expert' to convince people, most can make up their own minds. But, at least, he has given me some light relief.



I love crop circles. I am awed by their beauty. I live in Canada and have never seen a crop circle in real life, only in photographs but they nevertheless give me a sense of something extraordinary and mysterious, but not frightening in any way. I have spoken with others, who, like me are somewhat spiritually 'in tune', and they feel this way too.

Today for the first time, I have read Michael Glickman’s column in Swirled News. I am so glad that I found this website. I do feel compelled to write to you at this time, however. You are just using far too much of your precious energy in trying to tell the world what a fool Colin Andrews is. He really doesn't need someone else to tell the people of the world this, he is doing a very admirable job of doing it all by himself.

Those of us whose inner light has been turned on do not need someone to prove to us that the crop circles are not man-made. This is something that is felt inside. I don't need science to prove to me that there are intelligent beings on other planets in the universe; I don't need science
to prove to me that they are among us right now. I don't need science to prove to me that some benevolent force beyond our sphere is making these incredible works of art, which, in their majesty and beauty, hold messages for us that we have yet to interpret and understand.

I believe Michael, that you and other crop circle investigators should allow these fools who try to lead us from the truth to simply be. They will have those that will believe them, but those that do are simply looking for an excuse not to believe in crop circles anyway. If Colin Andrews were not around, there would be others to lead them up the ‘garden path’.

Those of us who ‘know’ cannot be led astray.



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