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PULSE CHECK - 20/10/2002

‘Ask and you shall be answered’ – some recommended reading from FERDINAND VONDRUSKA...

Crop circles are just about the easiest thing to understand provided one has learned a few basic things and rules.

Read: ‘THE COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE’ by Neville Spearman (pages 186 & 187, or, better, the whole book).

What would you say if someone would want to explain CHINESE writing out of the 'ink' or the signs only? You have to study Chinese.

The Etherians can be contacted very, very easily: Ask, listen and you shall be given an answer.

The funny thing is this: Firstly, nobody asks (people, researchers etc. are simply running around crop fields). Secondly: the same people do not listen.

Life reveals itself only through life and not through death.



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