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JAWS TWO - 26/10/2002

Were the recent Alton Barnes ‘sharks’ (though most have called them dolphins!) a response to JAN KREGER’s meditation..?

I wrote to you last year about the heart-shaped formation at Newton St Loe, and I am writing to tell you that I just had another 'hit', the August 14th glyph at East Field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire (I have informally named it the ' two Sharks' formation).

This summer, I have been skywatching a good deal (the weather here in San Diego has been very clear at night) and I have regularly been observing those moving star-like dots that speed up, slow down and/or flash repeatedly. I have still been thinking thoughts of peace and goodwill at them and visualising the heart-shape around them, but last week I started doing something new. I am a student of Hawaiian spiritual practices, and my 'Aumakua’ (guardian spirit) is the shark. I see them all the time when I meditate, and they bring me energy, so I decided to try to 'send' my sharks to circle the travelling lights with a message from me. I have been sending the sharks since the evening of August 8th. First, I visualise the sharks, and then I give them each a ‘lei’ that represents thoughts of ‘aloha’. Then I tell them to take the lei to the sky-people and let them know that I am their hoaloha (friend) and they are mine. I then 'see' the sharks speed away into the sky, and I 'see' them circle the flying light and drop the lei around it.

I was talking with a close friend on Saturday August 10th and I was telling her what I was doing with my visualisations. I said, “Now we will have to keep our eyes peeled for sharks in British corn-fields,” and we both laughed because the idea struck us as amusing. Evidently the star-people find it amusing too, judging by the subsequent East Field formation!

JAN KREGERS, San Diego, Ca.


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