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MARIA GUZMAN laughs at the ‘revival’ of Doug and Dave in ‘National Geographic’ magazine…

Having just read the ‘National Geographic’ article/interview with [planker] John Lundberg - from whom the author evidently gained his education in circle cropping - I had to laugh when I came upon yet another reference to the hoary legend of ‘Doug 'n’ Dave’. Evidently Lundberg is doing some straight-faced leg-pulling - a sort of double-switch on an admitted sceptic who will believe anything he is told and is too lazy to check it out for himself. It’s hard to figure out Lundberg's motives, unless it's to see just how gullible the media can be.

I'm American, yet I learned long ago (by osmosis, I guess) the difference between "maize" and "corn". This is a minor thing, but can lead, as in the recent film, to stupid results.



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