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FACE THE MUSIC - 20/10/2002

A musical note on crop circles from CHARLIE...

I have been mystified by crop circles since the very first time I heard of them. After watching countless TV programmes and reading endless articles on the subject, I recently had a very realistic flashback of some sort. It seems that sometime in my life I had seen shapes very similar to crop circles.

I'm no expert, but it's quite easy to separate the real ones from the hoaxes. The very precise geometric forms are obviously man-made. [We disagree! Ed] These shapes had a certain meaning, but I just couldn't remember what it was until last night when I was watching the special on The Learning Channel. I suddenly remembered some ancient form of musical inscription I had once seen sometime in my childhood.

The basic tone began with a simple circle. As other notes were added to construct the complete chord form, additional circles, lines, and symbols were added. Each contained its own tonal value and how it was related to the other symbols dictated how it was used in the structure of the, should we say, melody. I just can't remember where I saw this or where it was from. The code was remarkably similar to the crop circles that are connected with lines and have simple protruding attachments, such as the F on the circle from the wheat field in the USA that was shown on the TV programme.



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