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We’ve had LOTS of thoughts in about the Crabwood Farm ‘ET and disc’ formation of this summer, positive and negative, a large selection of which follow below...

I am not a big fan of the Crabwood alien, but I came across a comparison that a Polish crop circle website makes with a 4000 year-old wall/cave painting discovered in Fergana in Oezbekistan.

I did know the image before, but was not aware of this amazing synchronicity of the two images (see above right).

If the painting is indeed 4000 years-old, what it shows is quite amazing: the hovering, dust-causing UFO, the astronaut and the alien, the astronaut (with helmet and handcloves) being in the front.

NOW LOOK WHAT HE IS HOLDING: a data disc with some spiral-arranged code on it.

I thought you might want to see this!



Crop circle messages aren’t often too obvious, as in the case of the alien ‘grey’ holding up a coded disc.

We do know from various channelled sources that the greys have now completed their genetic cross-breeding project here on Earth. They needed to blend Earth human DNA into theirs in order to gain the emotional bandwidth that they were seeking for evolutionary experience. They have created their new hybrid race, called Essasani, which exists in the realm of fourth density (etheric physical,) not our current third density (dense physical) layer of the universe.

Being intrigued by the disc, I did a little meditation to pick up the meaning intuitively. Here’s my impression of what it means.

The coding on the disc is their way of representing DNA codings. They are offering their genetic engineering experience to Earth in order to improve future human bodies. Just one of the enhancements would be a 300 year lifespan. Restoring our telepathic/empathic ability is another. I don’t see them working in physical labs with a bunch of military yahoos sticking their noses into everything. I see them working with us in the same way that they carried out their own project, by vibrating co-operators from third density into fourth after they had fallen asleep at night. The genetic development work was all carried out in fourth density.

I think that this is their “Thank You” to the people of Earth. If we want improved bodies for future generations, and for ourselves when we reincarnate, we have only to make that decision as a collective consciousness and it will happen.



Reading through different articles and reports, besides the very design itself, it seems likely that this formation is man-made. What I believe really talks in favour of a hoax is that it has been made in a field where there is virtually no chance for anyone (besides the farmer) to overview the field, ie. human circle-makers can work with a fairly big chance as to not be discovered. I also believe that the radio masts, antennas, etc, has nothing to do with it. They are there most likely because it is the best place to locate radio antennas, ie. on top of a hill.

What bothers me, and what is slightly disturbing, is the resources they possess to realize this formation, and for what purpose!? May it still be so that some mighty commercial empire has in a non-traceable way fuelled money from their marketing budget into a circle-maker organization to create this ad? This is actually my best bet, though still very speculative and controversial. But more generally speaking, considering all well laid-out hoaxed formations, it is of interest to understand what purpose(s) may lie behind the making of them. If it is for pure entertainment, then it's pretty OK, but let say if some government agency is supporting this, well then what do they know about the real crop formations?



It seems to me that the astounding alien and disc formation must be regarded as a true watershed in the ongoing crop circle saga REGARDLESS of the position one takes about it. I mean, look at the available options:

(1) Suppose one concludes that it's a hoax, as have many researchers, including some who cannot be accused of scepticism regarding crop circles. In that case, previous convictions about what can and cannot be hoaxed must be drastically overhauled, not just because the design is so complex, but because reports from credible researchers are beginning to appear telling of pristine lays, bent-not-brokens, and intact seed heads - all items previously used to distinguish fake from real. Are we willing to drop these criteria?

(2) Suppose one concludes that while it is indeed a hoax, it is an unusually sophisticated one done by government/military agents using amazing new technology. (The Big Brother theory seems to have gotten a tremendous boost from Crabwood.) This begs an important question: when did this technology become available, which mimics so well many of the earmarks of the genuine phenomenon? If the existence of such technology is allowed, then how many previous formations thought unhoaxable might be attributed to the same technology? The doors of doubt are flung open.

(3) If one concludes that the formation is ‘genuine’ (which as I see it means either "the product of an independent non-human intelligence" or "the collective human spirit manifesting itself"), then what are we to make of that intelligence now? It has given us a tacky, Hollywood alien perfectly timed, alas, to reinforce the negative image of ET's found in the movie ‘Signs,’ inexplicably coupled with an English language message - pointlessly encrypted using 1960s computer technology - so bland that even the most starry-eyed New Agers are having trouble getting excited about it. Based on what I'm reading on the Web, bad vibes or no vibes are the two most common reactions. If one apologetically suggests that this is, after all, the image of an alien in most people's minds and so that's the sort of image one would expect to see projected on the field from the collective subconscious (or whatever), then one has to wonder why in that case we aren't seeing pictures of Britney Spears all over the fields.

(4) Contrary to what some might think, the hard-core sceptics and their pals the circlefakers have little reason to rejoice either. I suspect that not even the mass media is prepared to believe this thing was made by a bunch of plankers, and if the Team Satan types so much as imply that Crabwood is just a particularly good fake, they risk being asked to show us something like it, and this time there is no possible way they can create a formation even roughly similar, I'll wager.

Just for the record, I think the formation is probably genuine, and that the circlemakers at least this time out are not so nice (I tend to be in the John Keel/Jacque Vallee camp about these guys anyway - don't trust 'em). But what say you, people? Am I correct that there is no possible way back to business-as-usual after Crabwood?



Just to let you know... The supreme commander of the aliens told me that after spending all their resources on the "wheat/corn manipulating beam", they ran out of money for the "Let’s make it sensible instead of cryptic" fund...

So all future ‘crop circles’ will have to continue to be categorised with the college student pranks... Was it aliens with a plant manipulator beam who posses the power to do such things (yet can’t even give us ANY communication after they're done), or just folks yanking all our chains.
Which one is more likely??

Save some forest land!! At least we know where that is going... Use your talents and skills to help all of us instead of something that is just farm art and nothing else...



Over the August Bank Holiday I went down to the Winchester area to see the new alien face formation, taking my dowsing rods with me. Now, I'm not an experienced dowser, just an amateur, and have dowsed only in crop formations over the past six years, but in most of the formations I have found that my rods cross every seven steps or so - there have been a couple in which I have had no reaction at all, and these I have regarded as man-made.

Once again, in the alien face formation I found my rods crossing approximately every seven steps. I did a control by dowsing outside the formation and got no result at all - the rods stayed straight out no matter how far I walked. I then picked some ears of corn from inside the formation and also from outside and took them home: once again, the rods crossed over the ears from inside the formation, but not from those picked from outside.

By the way, I have the type of rods which end in cuffs, so that I don't actually touch the metal and therefore can't cheat!

I mention this for what it is worth - as I said, I am not an expert and I couldn't say what made the rods cross. Just thought you would be interested.



I live in the US and I just saw my first report of this awesome display on FOX News at 9.00pm in Phoenix Arizona. I looked up your site to see the message again. I thought it interesting to note that the word ‘Oppose’, written in that way, is peculiar.

It is a play on words as such. If you look to an illustrated encyclopaedic dictionary, one can find OP (as well as op) - OP refers to an Order of Preachers. This seems worth looking into...



The recent alien face and disk found at Crabwood, Hampshire is still being deciphered I know, but I myself, Tony Rowlett (from Bolton UFO Society), have deciphered it and it goes like this. The disk itself is a representation of the milky way and right in the centre of the disk is the sun, which I believe will be an accurate view of an aerial view of our star in the milky way in 2012, December 21st, the astronomical precession. The surrounding stars are, of course, constellations.




Unfortunately, Mr Rowlett has misunderstood the galactic alignment concept.

On 21st December 2012, the winter solstice sun aligns with the plane of the Milky Way, at a point close to the apparent position of galactic centre. However, this alignment is only visible from Earth, not from an "aerial view".

From Earth, the Milky Way appears as a band across the sky, whereas, from a position outside the galaxy, looking "down" the galactic axis, it would appear as a spiral, and from that vantage point our sun would be located out on one of the spiral arms. Precession is caused by an apparent shifting of the constellations due to the earth's tilted axis turning in a 25,000 - 26,000-year circle, so that each of the solstice and equinox rising and setting points (meridians) on the horizon, occurs against a background constellation that changes approximately every 2,160 years.

It seems that the Maya pinpointed the date by having their Long Count cycle (the "13-baktun cycle") end there, indicating the end of on era and the start of the next one. The indigenous tribes of North and South America variously refer to the event as the end of the Fifth Sun & beginning of the Sixth Sun, or the end of the Fourth World and beginning of the Fifth World. So it is the end of the world, but also the beginning of the next world.


For more on 2012 prophecy, go to Geoff’s amazing website at:


If you look to the left of the image, about where the ‘being’s’ shoulder would be, you will see what appears to be three stars. As you peer at it that way, you will also notice that the person seems to be wearing a uniform. Also you will notice that the entire glyph is pointing towards the two towers, the radio towers. I'll run that by you one more time, the glyph is pointing towards the "Two Towers".

Recall how the two incredible glyphs last year in Chilbolton appeared shortly before 9-11. And now here is another glyph, not to far from Chilbolton, showing up in August again, and the glyph is pointing towards the two towers.

The face in the Chilbolton appearance last year? It looks like the face is looking out a window, a window covered by some kind of material, in a fishnet pattern. And it also looks like the face is looking ‘at’ the other glyph [actually, it was facing away from it – Ed]. You'll note that the other glyph is in the shape of the WTC tower.

The ‘face’ glyph seems to be above the other glyph, as if it is flying over the WTC and looking down on it. Now this might sound creepy to you, but that face glyph to me looks like Donald Trump. You know how he always has his lips kind of in a tight knot, or pursed together when he has his picture taken? Well tell me if you see it like that in the pic, if you don't mind?

The glyphs at Chilbolton were also pointing towards a "tower" if you will. The dish.

This latest glyph at Winchester, for me, is a warning, with it pointing towards the two towers. I think someone out there, up there if you will, is warning us that something is going to take place again here in the States in the not too distant future. And most likely tantamount to 9-11. I just can't help but feel this way about all of this. I have many friends who feel the same way. There is more to the Chilbolton glyphs than a ‘reply’ to the signal we sent out from Arecibo years ago. And this latest glyph, well, I think the people who were really behind 9-11 last year are once again being warned by Heaven not to go forward with their plans or else this time they are asking for a major kick in the butt by Heaven itself. I realise this sounds like a stretch here. But with info I received about the Arecibo glyph and the interpolative message that is also intertwined with it, I can't but help think that God Himself is getting ready to put some people in their place.



My God, I went through the Martin Noakes article on the August 2002 Crabwood formation and opened the big Lucy Pringle pictures and suddenly saw what you all are probably seeing! There are TWO faces in the picture, not just one. The one you are seeing is the alien, and the one I always saw is a WOMAN, a SWEET MADONNA-LIKE FACE. Now I understand what you meant by alien! Try to blur your eyes if you can't see it, because I couldn't see your alien face until this moment. I even sent the picture to friends around as a good omen message! There is a Madonna-like woman face there, holding the disc with her right hand, as a gift. But the alien that you saw first looks evil! So maybe someone is just offering us the possibility to see that good is still there, even if to some it first appears as evil!

Or maybe they are ‘subtly testing’ us... Does anyone else see the like-like face that I see?



In response to your ‘alien and disk’ formation article, regarding points on why it could be man-made…

An aside note to understand where I am coming from - I am playing the devil's advocate, hitting all possible side strokes so as to be completely convinced as to what a remarkable phenomenon this possible contact could be, incited by Martin Noakes’s great statement about the improbability of a faceless, ego-less art movement devoid of monetary or personal recognition, but turning it around to show the truth of this statement and how far people WOULD go for gain or subversive advertising.

Anyway, here is a possibility I will throw out. This formation is evolved within its abstractions and non-mathematical relations, except for the circle and the distance for each binary code digit to sit upon. This is the work, as noted, of an artist or digital artist. Replication would not rely on strings, compasses or measuring instruments, but on an actual recreation of a picture and then its blown-up dimensions, which, as noted, still takes the work of an artist. With the advent and release of the Disney film ‘Signs’ within the same time frame, is it not possible that a corporation of sorts could create this within the structure of cooperation from the farmers, utilizing the same techniques and tactics as that of billboard sign painters as well as soccer field advertising, thus absolving the problems of time and explaining the professional manner in which it was displayed?

This does appear to carry the unfortunate signature of man's consistent attempt in all areas of communication - a subtle trace of irony or sarcasm, which could also be turned around as being a cosmic joke, but is devoid of the sublime beauty and simplicity of universal aesthetics.

This is a stretch, but with something this awesome all avenues should not be ignored, because there are only two possibilities - manmade or other, as you know. If this were the ‘other’, this would indeed be awesome and should be causing much more upheaval than some people simply surfing the web and exchanging ideas of possibility. But perhaps this is part of the schematic - if we were all to wake up to the implications, the infrastructure would be so rocked that our realisation of what it is would be too powerful to sustain the impact of the truth; that everything we have been taught and told, including our semblance of logic and reality, would be up in the air. That's the temporal poetry of information - through the apocalypse of time and more information, information can be transformed and history re-written in a flash. Information is the ultimate shape-shifter. But Man holds a proud rightful prize to intelligence, higher education and the accumulation of knowledge and memory (his particular memory span is a drop in the ocean), so that when dealing outside of the parameters of the known and the textbooks he does not want his diplomas to disappear. I love Lucy Pringle’s recent web article regarding showing this formation to a fellow theology friend student - he was in shock. It shakes the very foundations of our chemical make-up. It's almost too much to bear at once.

I am early on in the hunt (just two weeks to the day that I first read about crop circles in ‘Wired’). That's a start within itself. I am a 30-year old woman in New York and it has taken me this long to have even heard about them - no joke. Mind you, I don't read the papers nor watch TV, but still! And it's beautiful regardless - as I remember reading from one of the sites, even if 99 percent were made by Man and only one percent from the ‘other’, then even that would be awesome.

I would like people to respond if possible to my notion of corporate cooperation as a possibility - I am really asking so that I can bar none. Thanks.



Who could doubt the authenticity of the August Crabwood crop circle as to being non-human? I would give the alien a name like ‘Scout’. And, of course, the message is clear. He has exhausted himself searching for new worlds in the Universe and has "much pain" - in that he can barely send that binary message. His warning is based upon his pain and joy of discovering us, and also tells of his regret at having to follow the orders of his superiors to report back to them that we have been discovered... that they will come looking for us with gifts. Beware... the greeting committee's probably going to want to cut us a deal.

I am sorry. I feel the binary wording of this Alien were his dying words, as he used the last of his physical and natural powers to reach us with a digitally enhanced picture of himself. He had to have been the same alien from a year earlier who sent the mask next to the square, but he at that time was a year further away in the universe, thus his face was blurry by the weakness of the TV signal. The TV signal is cut into the "pods" art computer message centre. (Pods may be just sensitive remote ships, which, when encountering certain activity on planets, make the sketches to suggest intelligence and life from outer space). He overrode it to include himself in the picture. But he overextended himself. I don't think he is going to make it back to the mother ship of their exploratory convoy.

MURVYS, Portland, Oregon


I just wanted to share an insight I just had with the recent alien face formation, from comments by Allan Brown. I have the gift of trans-dimensional projection, which is to say I can project my senses into an energy field and experience, to some degree, the energy of that field. Of course, this still leaves one vulnerable to the flaw of misinterpretation, but nonetheless, let me explain what I experienced.

Allan called the disc in the picture an information disc. Well, in a sense I think it is. But what I
experienced was something rather comical... kind of "you can’t see the forest for the trees" kind of thing. Look at the picture as if it were a postcard from someone, and notice the graphics. You will notice the three UFOs in the background, and the alien face and the disc. My interpretation is that we are being shown here that it is in fact UFOs that are creating such images, and this is kind of a signature. Sometimes the obvious is overlooked. Look at the picture and notice that it is a picture with a frame, like a postcard laying on the ground and somewhat out of focus, so to speak, which is an excellent way of depicting something in the background, graphically speaking. In the foreground, and in focus, is a disc, and the analogy here, I think, is a hovercraft. In other words, they are showing us that a hovercraft created such an image. What’s more, my projection tells me that the markings on the craft are space co-ordinates... a map!

Now, I’m not saying I know this for a fact, of course... I just thought I’d run it by you. What great fun! They are so creative.



This one is different. The messenger stands back, as if in another room or through a window. He or she is trying to give us (humans) something. If this crop formation is from somewhere out there, they know our limitations. Please check the simplest forms of communication from this disk. It may not be a warning - it may be a blessing.




It is me, Elaine Ansley, from Victoria, BC, Canada, that in May was hoping for a crop circle on the White House Lawn. You even printed My letter. That was exciting.

The attachment I have sent you is a drawing I made back on 11/11/88. (Odd numbers, aren't they?)

I was in University, as I had discovered I could draw. As any artist will tell you, they are just an instrument of 'something else' when 'in the zone' of drawing!! As it turns out, there are many similarities between the August Alien 2002 and my Goddess 88!

Look at the hands and the force field around the head. No ears either... even when I was drawing it, I thought it was odd. But, I said “oh well... it fits”. It was my idea of what 'God' looked like. Only it was a S/he. All this LONG before I knew what crop circles were. I called it ‘Oh, my people, what have you done?’ Of course, the round faceted crystal it holds in its hand is our Earth. And S/he has a big tear on Her/his face.

As always, isn't it all just TOO interesting? I wish I could be there for all this excitement.



Please! Is there any more discussion, talk or info on the incredible 'Alien and Disc' formation? I eagerly read and re-read Noakes deciphering of the 'Disc' and being a long-time UFO enthusiast, was stunned at the message. Am I wrong that this amazingly complex formation was virtually ignored by the world and does this seem to be continuing? Many in the UFO/ET community (whatever the hell that is) have read/been informed or warned that the government might try to control the truth of 'Alien Visitation' by staging an choreographed event. This event could have
peaceful ETs land, offer us technology to save our eco-ravaging butts and then set up an embassy or something. This will all be a huge deception designed to divert and hide the real truth that the ETs are here in peace but have different lessons and messages to teach us.

I and many others thank you for the info you did present and hungrily await more. I truly thank you deeply for all your hard work and dedication to this event and phenomena.



That Alien is not holding a disk… it is holding a PIZZA.


The Crabwood formation, blurred to reveal detail (photo: LUCY PRINGLE, blurring: MARTIN NOAKES)
The Crabwood formation, blurred to reveal detail (photo: LUCY PRINGLE, blurring: MARTIN NOAKES)


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