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IMPORTANT NOTICE! - 11/09/2002

Please read the following important notice from Swirled News…

Please do NOT send us e-mails with attachments without advising us of their arrival and describing their title and contents in advance. We now operate a policy of deleting any e-mails sent to us with attachments we are unsure about.

We have had to bring in this rather draconian rule because of the huge amounts of computer viruses doing the rounds at the moment – nearly every day we receive at least ten uncertain e-mails with attachments. All of them are binned, because many of them are indeed harmful viruses and we can’t take chances.

You all owe it to yourselves to have an active and constantly updated virus-checker on your computer. Remember that viruses sometimes appear to have come from people that did not actually send them (a feature of some viruses is that they e-mail out on the back of random addresses from an address book), so it is sometimes hard to know their original origin. Our system is constantly monitored by Norton Anti-virus and we recommend you use a similar program.

Thanks for your attention.


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