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QUOTE OF THE MOMENT - 13/08/2002

In a new occasional feature, we present recent quotes about crop circles which just cry out to be preserved for posterity. This week: Reg Presley…

Ex-rock star Reg Presley is renowned in the UK for being the celebrity circle enthusiast – albeit a “95% hoax” one – increasingly called onto TV programmes in place of actual cerealogists.

The following priceless quote is a direct transcription from Meridian ITV television news, UK, at the very end of July 2002.

Here then, is our Quote of the Moment, from Reg Presley, made whilst looking at TV footage of this year’s stunning formation at Stonehenge:


"I think it's man made, I mean very, very clever, but usually on the bigger ones you do not get a reaction off a magnetism. If you get a magnet in there, a compass, you know, it can affect the compass."



The wonders of the scientific method, eh? Nice to know UK public crop circle information is in such good hands.

[Thanks to BARRY REYNOLDS for submitting this. Other examples welcome and should be sent to]


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