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QUICK ON THE DRAW - 17/08/2002

C G MAKAROV has evidence that he believes proves a recent formation at Beckhampton appeared within 75 minutes…

A few days ago, my husband and I returned from a crop circle investigation trip to Wiltshire, England. We personally walked into 10 of them and attended the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group’s crop circle conference held at Devizes School, Wiltshire. We took a half-hour helicopter ride over a dozen of the circles on Friday 26th July.

Our helicopter pilot gave 15 minute rides to four people at a time, over these exact same fields all day Saturday and Sunday during the conference. On Sunday the 28th, he made his last flight at 1.00pm and one particular field was undisturbed. He stopped for lunch and at 2.15pm flew back over that same particular field - and lo and behold, there was a brand new, fabulous circle in a field in Beckhampton Gallops!

It could not be seen from a road, but we got directions to drive to it and on Monday morning we drove to the spot, parked just off the road, hiked up a steep hill and the sight of that new circle just took our breath away! It was three circles within a huge scalloped circle, sliced into about 78 "pie like" pieces. We walked into it. I walked the three circles. The exterior one, with the wheat lying clockwise, was approx. 1,500ft around it [we suspect it was actually not quite as large as the measurements given here, but it was certainly big – Ed]. The second circle had the wheat lying counterclockwise and was approx. 900ft. The third circle had the wheat lying clockwise again and was approx. 450ft. Each circle was approx. 6ft wide. The innermost circle had the wheat all lying down in a counterclockwise direction, approx. 50ft in diameter, with a small shaft of wheat left standing exactly in the middle. None of the wheat stalks were broken; merely bent over. In previous circles we visited, that had happened 10 or so days prior, where people had not already crushed the wheat from walking upon it, the wheat stalks were already standing back up towards the sun! They were NOT damaged!

To all the "nay sayers" who try to credit these crop circles to human beings, hoaxers, weather, etc., I have this to say... There is absolutely NO WAY that any human being(s) could have created this huge, fabulous work of art in a period of 75 minutes in broad daylight! I rest my case.



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