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ARECIBO SECRETS - 16/08/2002

An interesting theory on the Arecibo transmissions reflected in the Chilbolton formations of 2001, from NTECHÖ

While floating around on the Internet I ran across a very interesting coincidence that I thought everyone might like to know about. It involves the June 13th 1999 crop circle that appeared in Chilbolton and the ones that seem to be linked to that one as well. Here is a link to an article on it:

I think I found the event that may have triggered them. And it was not the 1974 Arecibo transmission. It seems there was a second transmission of the Arecibo message in 1999. Take a look at this link here:

And this is what I think they did. In May and June of 1999 they bought time on a Russian radio dish and transmitted a 1 gigawatt radio signal at a star formation called the summer triangle. The points of this triangle are the stars Deneb, Altair, and Vega. And if you run a star mapping program on the time and area of sky where they were transmitting to, you see that the planets Uranus and Neptune were directly visible from the transmitter they were using. Also the Moon passes through the picture as well. So my theory on what happened is this. They didn't focus their signal properly. They may have been sloppy. So Iím guessing they sprayed more of the sky than just their target area and hit the moon and/or the planets with the excess signal. And possibly got someone's attention. After all, one of the theories on these crop circles is that an alien intelligence is behind them. Now imagine this alien intelligence tried to reply to this SETI signal and no one was listening. After all, who would listen to the Moon for a signal from ET? So then they resorted to crop circles to try to get the attention of the people who sent them that message, not realising the situation.

Oh and a parting thought here. If the Arecibo crop circle of 2001 was a response by ETs and not a PR stunt or a counterfeit of some kind, then they gave us some interesting information to work with - like where they are living in this solar system and how many of them there are also. And on that unnerving thought... Have a nice day.



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