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At last, after years of public exposure to tantalising extracts and snippets of information on biological anomalies and other strange effects in crop formations, the BLT Research group’s work with W C Levengood and now other scientists has become available to access online with the launch of the new BLT website, as ANDY THOMAS reports…

It is widely known that the best work into investigating physical and biological effects in circle-affected crops has been carried out or instigated by the BLT Research group, as founded by John Burke, W C Levengood and Nancy Talbott in the US back in the early 1990s. Nancy Talbott, in particular, as its main co-ordinator, has been a great ambassador for this work, touring with lectures and sharing information (though all too often ignored) with the media.

But one of the cries often heard is “where can we personally get to read more about biological anomalies in crop formations?”. Until now, many had heard of the work of BLT Research, but getting direct access to it was reserved for the privileged few, not through any intention of the founders, but simply through a lack of an easily accessible public outlet to which people could be referred.

Now that outlet has arrived. The launch of the new BLT website marks an important step in showing the world, to those who don’t find ‘science’ a dirty word, that there are scientific reasons as well as circumstantial to show that many of the crop formations must have causes far beyond the mundane.

The website contains a collection of the best reports compiled by BLT on various crop formations over the years and clearly lays out, with illustrations and photographs, the many types of anomalies and other scientific observations which have been identified. These categories, shown with results and evidence, are couched in terms that can be understood by the lay-person, but without diluting the scientific approach for those wishing to scrutinise the work in more detail. A history of the organisation and its step-by-step discoveries is given too, to put it all into context.

For those who believe that showing scientifically that there are clearly identifiable physical changes in circle-affected crop is an important step in getting more of the world at large (which seems to need such results to convince it) to acknowledge the reality of the circle phenomenon as something more than a joke, this website will be an indispensable aid. Though BLT’s research may not yet have revealed the ‘guiding hand’ many believe is at work, the pointers to the possible physical processes involved, at least, are a step in the right direction, and the detailed results make a mockery of the plankers who arrogantly believe THEY are responsible for all such effects. Read the evidence for yourselves and see why that cannot possibly be the case.

So next time the person who superciliously says to you “yes, but there’s no scientific evidence for all this, is there?” and puts on that smug smile, have the pleasure of wiping it off their face by giving them the web address for BLT Research, which is…



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