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FELT IT CELTIC? - 11/07/2002

Is the recent Avebury Trusloe formation using Celtic themes, or Islamic, asks PAUL WRIGHT..?

Just came across something in relation to the recent Avebury Trusloe circle, at:

This shows the Celtic origins apparently, but there is also this:

The triskele designs certainly are Celtic (though such designs can be seen on coins from Lycia around 600 BC), but the crop circle design is HEXAskelic, not triskelic or double triskelic (which doesn't exist). Just as triskelic designs are typically Celtic, hexaskelic designs are typically Islamic.

This is how you tell. In the centre of a triskele design is a triangle. No problemo. In the centre of the hexaskele is a hexagram.

The hexaskele design shows the origin of the hexagram (modern Star of David) as a religious symbol. We have come to associate the hexagram with Judaism, but it can be shown that the hexagram is originally Islamic. (When I see the Islamic hexagram used on Israel's state flag, I think to myself, humorously, that the state of Israel belongs to Islam!)

If this crop circle design is not of ordinary human origin (I'm not saying alien for sure), then maybe 'they' want us to think about the relationship between Islam and modern Judaism.

Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, June 2002 (photo: STEVE ALEXANDER)
Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, June 2002 (photo: STEVE ALEXANDER)


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