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ADAM SANT comments on issues arising from Michael Glickman's latest article on Colin Andrews's "80% man-made" theories...

Just finished reading Glickman's latest article. So very frustrating and sad. However, Mr. Andrews's actions and statements really should come as no surprise. One should look to the experience of the many once respectable scientifically-based UFO researchers to see why Mr. Andrews is acting in this way. It's not uncommon for a researcher to build a name and respect for themselves and then suddenly turn around and claim they had been fooled and that they must have been led astray. Are they threatened into doing this or do they become disillusioned by not being able to fit the phenomenon into their version of reality? Probably both.

I once heard a radio programme on the workings of the old Soviet news paper 'Pravda'. The researcher said that every time Pravda leaked out a bit of truth, the powers that be would then flood the 'market' with disinformation so that the (intelligent & well educated) soviet public could not discern truth from fiction. I have seen this done time and time again by our own governments and to be honest it still works beautifully. Anytime someone gets close to the truth, grab a respected spokesman for the phenomenon and feed them disinformation of such caliber that they will take it in and disseminate it far and wide. People out there who are wanting to believe but are scared will hear this and 'throw out the baby with the bath water'. Or take the phenomenon and base a lame Hollywood movie on it. Most who see the movie hoping it will enlighten them on the subject come out scared and forget it, or they recognise a crappy movie and throw their interest out with their review of the movie. Again, sad but extremely effective ways of debunking any interesting phenomenon. The internet has for me become one of the only sources of good data out there, but one must still wade through a lot of crap to get any morsels of truth.

Though I burn with the desire to know, I am starting to wonder if we should all just wait for the circle phenomenon to reveal itself in its own way and own time and not look to any one voice or medium to hand us the answers we so badly seek. Your site and Mr Glickman's writings are a voice in the wilderness of disinformation and distorted factoids and I thank you dearly for the time and effort to run it. I look to you brave souls to keep me updated and tuned in and I eagerly await the circles that really do speak for themselves.



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