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Are crop circles 'footprints' from some other dimension..? Some thoughts from 'STVJNS'...

Some psychic persons studying the phenomenon believe the forms are the result of a kind of energetic pathway, crossing our domain but having no real intention as regards earth-humans. Indeed, these forms have appeared "forever", usually as simple circles, easily be understood as a cross section of a tubular energy field, and seeming to have little to do with human activities. (Note: Are these tubular passageways alike to worm-holes through space-time? How deeply does this similarity go?)

Energetic forms, balls-of-light, photographed swathes of light, etc. are commonly associated with these simple circles, as well as their more complex brethren. These could be the 'entities' (or whatever) for 'whom' the 'pathways' are initiated.

However, the thoughts encoded in the geometry of the more complex patterns strongly suggests an intentional communication aimed at human-like minds. A communication channel. Numerous styles of formations have appeared over the years which appear to be communicating different kinds of thought: illustrations of interacting systems (such as planetary bodies); a form of writing or linear sequence of high-level thought encodings; sacred geometrical models of universal functioning; illustrative descriptions of physical events (solar eclipses, etc.); other symbology recognizable from residues or leavings of our ancient earth-human past (Qabala, Egyptian, etc).

Here is some speculative thinking which seems to unify these facts:

The layings are cross-sectional 'footprints' of energy portals/passageways, as claimed by some psychics, which have little, if anything, to do with earthside humans, used by 'spirit forms' which we have little or no intelligence about, or meaningful interaction with. When these portals are manifested, they appear as round shapes: the most direct boundary for this energy being a circle, as most everything else in Universe. BUT, these doorways can be any shape actually, in terms of their core functionality, as portals which happen to pass through this area in our dimension.

And since they are energy moving through the universe, they are subject to influence by mind and intention, like everything else.

As earth-human awakening grows, and earth-human awareness of the 'crop circles' spreads, the largely unconscious mind-effects work on the energy influencing the 'footprint' into essential-geometrical forms.

As awareness of this interaction grows, a technique is developed. As intentional skill level in this technique grows, the sophistication and value of the messaging system blossoms.

Not just earth-human, but other non-earth-human, and other entity intentions can employ this opportunity and purposely encode awareness into symbols, shaping the streams/passages where they intersect with the malleable planetary surface features (crops, snow, sand, metal, etc.).

Some kinds of thoughts/feelings/ideas can be 'symbolised' in this way for intentional transmission into the Mind-Space (or "Memesphere" as I like to call it) of Earth.

Experiment: Can Uri Geller construct crop-circles with his mind-power? Has he tried it? Ask him. (Note: I would guess that Uri is involved in covert projects which may prevent him from being fully forthcoming on this subject.)

Briseis Gatto suggested a correlation between the employment of Yantras as energetic instruments in the environment, and the crop-circles of planet earth. Perhaps, she suggested, the glyphs are used to correct or modify energy flow through the earth environment.

I suggested further that the target environment might in fact be the human Mind-Space (Memesphere); that the crop circles are Yantras in the Memesphere. When a formation is made, it is physically wrought in the field (space-time) etc., but becomes communication in the Memesphere of our world. (Note: Thoughts/ideas as energy circuits.)



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