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SHEEP TO MUTTON - 11/07/2002

Never mind sheep circles, as recently reported on Swirled News - what about mutilated sheep circles, asks KATE SMITH..?

I was one of those people fascinated by Brian Damerell's sheep circles. I am also aware of at least one crop circle researcher who has come across a 'mutilated' sheep in connection with a formation. Having read the update of Brian's investigation on Swirled News, I came across this article on Jeff Rense's site at:

It is about increasing concern about a cluster of mutilated cattle appearing in Argentina. The interesting part is this:


Interviewer: "The subject has no explanation to us, the laymen, but does it also pose a mystery to you, the expert?"

Veterinarian: "That is the case, at least up to now. The field I surveyed yesterday and the day before contains the most numerous cases. There were 11 dead animals and not 10, as originally believed. They were all in the same field."

Interviewer: "How long ago did these deaths occur?"

Veterinarian: "Possibly Saturday or Sunday. It turns out that the claim was only made on Tuesday and the visit was made on Wednesday. I travelled approximately 5 kilometers, starting at the farmhouse and plunging into the countryside, and the cases begin to appear, all of them following the same pattern, which we could define as a circle, if it were possible to see it from above."

Interviewer: "Arranged in a circle?"

Veterinarian: "Yes. It begins some 50 meters from the farmhouse with four dead animals."

Interviewer: "50 meters away from an occupied house?"

Veterinarian: "Yes, but at that time the person in charge of the property wasn't in. So it was that when he returned he was confronted by this scene, got on his horse, toured the field and came across more dead animals. These cases are very particular, almost inexplicable, because they show a kind of cauterized cut. No haemorrage occurs when the incision is made."


I couldn't let this coincidence pass without telling you!



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