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WHEN THE BOAT COMES IN... - 11/07/2002

JIM KOZAK reports on a 'strange coincidence' with a boat and crop circles...

My name is Jim Kozak and I live near Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (age 33). I have been interested in crop circles for many years now, but have never visited one (can't wait much longer). I wanted to go to England last summer (2001), but the Foot and Mouth scare convinced me that most of the formations would be off limits anyway.

I have always considered the Windmill Hill 'triple Julia Set' one of my favourite formations (1996). Anyway, when I saw the formations on the Internet, especially the six-armed 'Julia Set' at Milk Hill, August 2001 [not strictly a Julia Set - Ed], I felt left out that I didn't go, despite the Foot and Mouth. Now the extreme coincidence comes into play!

I let a friend of mine from Ottawa know that I was interested in buying a small boat. The third week of August he gave me an address in Peterborough (Canada) of a boat that might be to my liking. I took my bicycle up with me to locate the street, rather than drive around in my car looking for the address.

I located the street and was proceeding to find the address when I biked by an R.V. trailer in a driveway (the back was facing the street). On the back of the camper trailer was the exact design of the six-arm 'Julia Set' with a central circle. The six arms were all swirled the same way as the real formation. The design was about 2.5 feet in diameter and painted in red. The only circle was the central hub and the swirled arms were solid 1" lines, but the design was unmistakable. I just about fell off my bike when I saw it. I have never seen a design like this anywhere except the real crop design created two weeks before in England.

I did find the boat on that street, but that wasn't the important reason for going there I think. Later on that day, I had plans to meet with a former boss and friend of mine (in Bowmanville) at his house to discuss crop circles. I had just told him about them a few weeks earlier and had shown him the Milk Hill formation.

Anyway, I thought I would let you know this. Either it was extreme coincidence or a small but important (for me) form of communication. I would like to think of it as the latter.



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