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MORE 'SIGNS' CRIMES - 12/07/2002

SUE BARNETT sounds off about the new 'Signs' movie, while fondly remembering 'Close Encounters'...

Just saw the trailers for the movie "$ign$" where I live in Silicon Valley - it's due to be released here August 2nd. From the trailers, it looks like your typical media-trivialized lump of horse**** complete with scary alien scenes. I need to see the whole movie in context before I form a complete opinion, but I have the feeling it will make me very angry when eventually I am able to view all of it.

Regarding some other movies commented about: 'ET' was meant to be nothing but a kid's fantasy movie and should be taken as such, much the same as Harry Potter has very little to do with the authentic use of magic. Both are good, clean children's entertainment and I feel these movies are very mind opening and healthy for them. I also disagree strongly with some comments about 'Close Encounters', which was a true landmark film. With the exception of the infantilized, sugary, 'too cute' aliens at the end, the movie was a major positive mind opener for a lot of people, including myself personally and several friends. I had never really thought much about ETs before this, and because this movie helped to open me, I saw my first UFO the very next year and was able to recognize it for what it was without being frightened. I have seen a total of 14-15 of them since, including two non-frightening very 'close encounters' of 50 feet or less involving small probe types last year. I am now, almost 25 years later, a member of MUFON and also very much an advocate of free energy technology. Being a Silicon Valley high-tech recruiter, I plan to switch from the software field to headhunting for free energy scientists, executives, marketing people, etc. as soon as it becomes feasible to do so. It will be my way of making a contribution to the world with my own personal talents. And after we have the truly important stuff (solving our oh-so-critical energy problems) off to a good start; it's going to be the 'fun' stuff....antigravity!!! All this thanks to the influence of 'Close Encounters'!



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