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CIRCLES AS VIRUSES? - 10/07/2002

Could crop circles be caused by a form of virus, asks DARLENE GRYMKOSKI..?

I have researched everything from psi activity to UFOs, and crop circles to ghosts, as well as quantum physics and the nature of time and reality. I have been doing this, all on my own, since I was about 12 years old - suffice to say, over 30 years. I don't claim to have any real answers, but I feel certain that crop circles are a direct result of some sort of bio-engineering. At this time, scientists are working to develop nano-technology - pieces of information and machinery on the quantum level which will revolutionize not only the world of computers, but possibly every aspect of our lives.

Could it not be possible for someone to develop a programmable virus? What if it were possible to program a virus as easily as we now develop computer programs? What if you could program a virus to encode special 'messages' into living tissue, resulting in the effects that we know as crop circles? The thing to keep in mind as well, is that when viruses enter a living cell, they can spread quickly and the results of the 'infection' can manifest in a very short period of time (think of the last time you first noticed symptoms of the flu and how long that it took it to progress to the take-me-out-shoot-me phase! Also, think how quickly it spreads to your family, friends, and co-workers.) It is not hard to visualize a normal-appearing wheat field becoming flattened in the wink of an eye. More interesting still, is that the stalks are still alive, though altered. They are no longer 'sick', but have been, somehow, changed. Modern researchers are already manipulating DNA, have mapped the human genome, and are looking into ways of using viruses to manipulate cancer cells. This is not science fiction. As for where this 'virus' came from and who or what developed it, it is anyone's guess. The fact that the crop circles appear to have become more complex over time points to a couple of possibilities:

1. The 'programming' technique is still being developed and we are seeing its evolution and improvement through more and more highly sophisticated designs.

2. The ability for the complexity has been there all along and something or someone is gauging our own abilities in solving the puzzle.

Whatever their origin, the crop circles deserve time and attention from the scientific community, something that does not appear to be forthcoming in the very near future. Unfortunately, the scientific community suffers the same internal political and power struggles as other occupations, and original, open-minded thinking is discouraged.

Along those same lines, you folks keep up the good work and don't allow the same struggles to keep you from open-minded research and free-flowing discourse. We could all be way off base about what crop circles are and where they came from. I look forward to the day when we have the real answers. To quote a popular TV series here in the USA, "The truth is out there."



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