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The latest in a series of video lectures by Michael Glickman has just been released, covering his presentations of last year, entitled ‘The Pi Hypothesis’/‘The Big Triangles’. TANIA WOODWARD settles in for a night’s viewing…

Having already listened to Michael Glickman’s lecture at the 2001 Glastonbury Symposium, I was, I admit, not over-enthusiastic when asked to review this video, which is essentially of the same lecture (but with a newly filmed introduction). New material, I thought, would be much more interesting…

Just over 50 minutes later, I was in love again. No, not with Michael (!), but with the awesomeness of the circle phenomenon and its inspiring message, which Michael so dedicatedly extracts and explains. We are led a merry circle dance through many of the formations of the 2000 season in “an attempt to approach an understanding of the meaning behind the crop circle phenomenon”.

In Michael’s typically relaxed and chatty style, he highlights incredible synchronicities in the fields and, with an overall theme of third-to-fifth dimensional shift, outlines his findings under a number of related topics. With well-illustrated examples, he explains the significance of the numbers 7 and 11 and the corresponding circle geometry. The ‘master number sequence’ is discussed with reference to three formations in particular, which display characteristics of numbers 22 and 33, these numbers signifying subsequent further penetration of the new dimension.

The importance of Silbury Hill as one of the centres of the crop circle phenomenon is emphasised, together with some of the synchronistic events that occurred both prior to and after the collapse of a vertical shaft in the centre of the Hill. Next, the profound importance of crop circle ratios and proportions to our understanding of the current shift is explained, together with the reminder that “nothing is accidental”.

Michael then discusses the significance of the number 29 and illustrates how this message has been given to us in the fields in many formations and how it relates to 22/7, ie. Pi. With numerous examples, he demonstrates how we literally have had Pi shoved in our face… So why, and what does it mean? With a clever demonstration of squaring the circle that even Paul Daniels would be proud of, Michael suggests that perhaps we have got it wrong. Instead of squaring the circle, that is bringing heaven to earth, we should be circling the square.

Last, but not least, the inspiration behind his ‘Big Triangles’ discovery is revealed and we are shown amazing isosceles triangles of connecting formations that span between four and eight miles across the Wiltshire landscape, demonstrating “the control, extent and wisdom of this phenomenon”.

I truly enjoyed this video, which impressed on me the compassion and earnest dedication with which Michael undertakes his work. If you are looking for inspiration and insightful, thought-provoking material, then I would recommend a viewing. There is a warning, however; those who have a purely mechanistic interest in the formations and want reams of scientific evidence and footage, don’t bother; this video is not for you.

‘The Pi Hypothesis’/‘The Big Triangles’ (The Crop Circle Lectures #7): £15 plus £1.50 p&p (UK) / £2.00 p&p (overseas). Or order in dollars at $27 (including p&p). Cheques payable to ‘Crop Circle Reality!’ Available in PAL or NTSC format – PLEASE CLEARLY STATE YOUR PREFERENCE WHEN ORDERING.

Order from:

Crop Circle Reality!, PO Box 1188, Devizes, Wilts, SN10 3WF, UK



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