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SNOW JOKE - 26/05/2002

PAUL ANDERSON reports on Canadian crop circle snow anomalies...

Re. the recent letter 'snow business' from Janet Ossebaard and Bert Janssen, it may interest you to know that I just heard of a similar occurrence here in Canada.

I just returned this evening from Saskatchewan again (for the filming of an upcoming 'Unsolved Mysteries' program segment - USA), where our pilot assistant John Erickson, in Estevan, SK (near the crop circle hotspot of Midale) told me that after a recent snowfall in the area last week, he noticed that there was a distinct lack of snow inside the formations (which are still visible in the still-standing stubble leftover from last fall, even now in April of 2002).

Either the snow never remained in the formations to begin with or melted faster afterwards, we don't know, although this does sound perhaps similar to your cases. When I got there this weekend, the snow had already all melted in the whole area, with warmer spring weather now coming (we also got caught in an incredible sudden intense rainstorm which the prairies are famous for; we watched an incredible display of low, fast-moving rolling rainclouds pierced by
beautiful shafts of sunlight which then gave way to clearer skies and sunshine again only moments later; even with no circles out there yet this early in the year, nature itself reminded me how amazing it can be!).



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