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SOL PURPOSE - 23/05/2002

KRIS SHERWOOD directs us to some articles of interest concerning solar symbology…

I would like to point your attention to the fact that my new article ‘Deus ex Sol - Solar Logos and Helioseismology Depicted in Crop Circle Formations’, recently featured in ‘UFO Magazine’ (UK February issue), ‘The Cereologist’ and ‘Flying Saucer Review’, has just been posted on our website at:

It offers strong and what I feel is very valuable evidence, illustrated with striking images, in support of the non-man-made crop circle phenomenon. In it, I examine the implications of the Solar symbology found in many genuine formations, and in particular the four discussed in this article. I have received some great feedback about it from the magazine readers, and now it is available online for those interested. I feel it's definitely a newsworthy contribution to crop circle research.



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