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A new video by Martin Keitel, ‘Crop Circles – Choreography of Consciousness’, has just been released. MELANIE GAMBRILL and LYN COLLIN look at its content…

Martin Keitel, head of Finland’s Centre of Circles Information (FCCI –, has recently produced this new video exploring the crop circle phenomenon. Every year we see the number of investigative videos on crop circles increasing, so how does this one add to the discussion and what makes it unique?

Filmed in Southern England in the summer of 2000, the film begins with a very brief history of crop circles by way of introduction. Snapshots of Wiltshire’s famous sacred sites set the scene, together with aerial shots of formations. The comment is made that humans are involved in this phenomenon whether or not the crop circles are made directly by human hands.

It is evident that Martin has communicated with a large number of people involved with crop circles, since the video includes numerous interviews with international crop circle investigators, a microlight pilot and a local farmer. These interviews are interspersed with computer graphic illustrations of the geometry of the formations. It is the professional standard computer animated graphics, the brilliant artwork and the comical, entertaining cartoons with original background music which really make this video essential viewing.

The hoax hypothesis is examined in some detail. Most of those interviewed, including the microlight pilot, do not endorse the theory as an explanation for the entire phenomenon. An ‘alternative’ hoax theory of humans making the formations under guidance, rather like Shamans, is discussed. Several comments are made about the power of the patterns regardless of their origin.

However, various bits of evidence are presented which undermine the idea that the crop circles are simply made using planks of wood. Analysis of the stems, the intricate weaving of the crop, bent nodes, direction of the crop growth and anomalies involving electrical equipment in formations are looked at.

The video features many reports of light ball phenomena and other strange experiences. One researcher tells the amazing story of what happened when a group researchers visited an area frequented by crop circles in Germany. Those interviewed clearly see the light phenomena as associated with the formations.

Several ideas are put forward by researchers as to the origin and purpose of the crop circles. Are they multi-dimensional and is there a conscious intelligence behind them? The idea that human consciousness can generate gravitational influences is examined, suggesting that our minds could indeed be creating the patterns.

It is suggested that the crop circles may be part of a ‘datalink to other realms’, the shapes opening up a kind of portal. Perhaps they are here to assist an awakening of mankind. One researcher explains how she has discovered hidden messages in the place names where the formations have appeared. These messages are said to originate from Sirius.

In conclusion, the video reflects on the idea that crop circles are leading us back to ancient knowledge and thus helping us to develop. The comment is made that the study of the phenomenon needs to encompass the experiential and not just the objective aspects. Are we on the brink of a huge shift in consciousness, of which the crop circles are a part?

Overall the video is well edited, informative and thought-provoking. It is ideal for newcomers to the phenomenon as well as giving established researchers new concepts for consideration.



For the UK, copies of ‘Crop Circles – Choreography of Consciousness’ can be purchased for £15 each (plus postage and packing of £1.50), cheque payable to ‘Sussex Alternative Connections’. To order please write to:

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