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Following the recent article on man-made circle ‘experiments’ in ‘UFO Magazine’ (UK version), which very critically took the perpetrators to task (see April Headlines), the latest issue carries the inevitable riposte, as MARCUS ALLEN again reports…

Following the hard-hitting article about crop circles by Robert Hulse and David Cayton in the April edition of ‘UFO Magazine’, a response was to be expected from their target. Ron Russell has been permitted his right of reply by editor Graham Birdsall.

Ron's contention that the original article was “error-filled” and that the authors have “indulged their imaginations” is not supported by reading his reply. As usual, ‘Occam's razor’ is used to cut out any inconvenient facts, leaving his basic premise that, of course, all crop circles are man-made and no other explanation is acceptable. And anyway, he says, now they have made a few themselves, this just proves how easy it is.

It seems his conclusive evidence is that if the “intentions” of the human creators of the circles are “good”, as measured with his ‘electrostatic meter’, this proves the formations are “genuine”, because they are ART. This may serve as an explanation for Ron and his few helpers, but it will not convince the wider audience. Most people know art when they see it. A few simple circles and rings, as created by Ron’s team, does not come close.

Graham Birdsall, in a comment at the end of the article, describes how Ron collected several thousand dollars from delegates at the Laughlin UFO Congress in 2001 for the study of crop circles using aerial photography. Other than his own creations, Graham asks what has so far been recorded?

Graham has also written a comprehensive report on the 2002 Laughlin Conference, where the wide-ranging speaker line up demonstrated, if any were needed, how the subject of UFOs is very much alive, showing just how ridiculous were the recent comments from a UK magazine that 'Ufology is dead' [see April headlines – and Brett Parrott’s current cartoon!].

A further round-up of UFOs as shown in paintings back to the 15th Century is yet more evidence that ‘UFO Magazine’ sets the standard most others struggle to compete with.



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