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I SPY - 12/04/2002

Or not, apparently. PETER SORENSEN denies ‘UFO Magazine’s’ claims, in an article recently noted on Swirled News, that he is a secret agent…

Spreading unfounded rumours in an international magazine that someone like myself is working for Black Ops is character assassination of the worst kind. There is, of course, NO way for me to prove I am is NOT with the CIA. What a cheap shot for Hulse and Cayton [authors of the ‘UFO Magazine’ article]!

I am writing a detailed reply to ‘UFO Magazine’, which will also be up on my website in about a week, but here is a brief reply for Swirled News.

In a nutshell, not one of the authors’ significant assertions concerning the Hilmarton experiment is correct.

The formation WAS made during the night time, with a couple of hours required on the second day to finish it off - the total time on the main formation was roughly eight hours (it did NOT take
"three days").

The light pollution from Lynham airfield lit the sky like a good moon, making it easy to see (check this for yourself on any clear night).

The authors quote farmer Sparrow as saying the lay of the crop in our formation was "pretty poor - on a scale of 10, they would have scored a zero!" If you look at the accompanying aerial
shot, you may feel he is being a bit harsh. Considering that I was the only person there that had ever made a circle before, and that seven different people took turns stomping, it really ain't so bad. [I have done no Photoshop tricks on this picture.]

I accept Hulse & Cayton's challenge to make a circle in front of researchers - on two conditions: they arrange for the field, and there is to be no interference with the work in progress. And yes, we will do it at night.

Coming back to the really serious charge that Ron and I are with the CIA (or whatever), Hulse & Cayton offer not one atom of proof to support their harmful claim other than their assumption that because we used to believe in the circles and changed our minds, we must have sold out. They believe there can be no other explanation.

They didn't bother to check with us to see if there was any other reason. Heck, even if they assumed that as CIA agents we would lie, they might have gleaned some insight or other.

We would have told them that over a period of many years, beginning in the early 1990s, we began to suspect that a significant number of circles were man-made, and in recent years
our studies have convinced us that probably all complex formations are flattened with stomper boards. Our change of heart was slow and reluctant, and not a sudden "about face" as they have written. Ask anyone who has known us personally during the past decade.

Reading their article, one gets the impression that Ron and I have been energetically rubbishing the circle phenomenon. If so, I don't think I've been doing much to justify my fat Swiss bank account.

Aside from the Hilmarton report, I have published nothing, and have given no lectures since 1999. Believe it or not, I have no interest in sabotaging people's dreams!

I do have a statement of my opinion on my homepage, but have added nothing new in over a year (I will now!). In the early 90s I wrote and spoke enthusiastically, but as I began to change my mind, I gradually went quiet. In fact, if it weren't for public attacks from believers (mostly at Swirled News) to whom I feel obliged to reply, I would be off the public radar. Ironic - you have to goad me into it!

As for selling my soul to the CIA, I swear on my MOTHER's grave that I am not, and never was, in any way involved with anything even remotely like that. My opinions are my own.

But that's just the kind of thing a patriotic Agent would say, isn't it?

Shame on you all!



In fairness to ourselves, although it is true that Marcus Allen expressed some sympathy towards the tone of the original piece in ‘UFO Magazine’, he did not actually reproduce nor endorse the allegations referred to above!

We must also make it clear that the authors of the ‘UFO Magazine’ article have had no contact with Swirled News.

Again (as with our brief response to Matthew Williams on this matter), we leave it up to the individuals involved to sort out the truth of this matter between themselves – Ed.


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