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DREAD ZEPPELIN - 11/04/2002

It’s official – Michael Glickman WAS the drummer with rock band Led Zeppelin, according to, er, someone purporting to be JIMMY PAGE…

Dear Sir,

Michael Glickman contacted me the other day to verify his earlier status as the drummer with the rock band Led Zeppelin. Prior to this, let me state that Michael is an inspired and respected drummer / hell-raiser, who, during his drug-fuelled years in Los Angeles, was associated with many other freaks, drop-outs, rock stars, loose women and petty criminals.

I have known Michael professionally now for nearly 30 years, initially playing together in the band ‘Motel California’. Michael continued to play as both session musician and full-time drummer with Led Zeppelin for the next few years, before returning back to London. See photos as proof.

Michael’s presence left behind some of the most profound and memorable hedonistic experiences of that period, which can be readily attested to by a list of successful former groupies.

In conclusion, Michael Glickman was hired to play ‘kit’ for Led Zeppelin in the early years of 1969-1974, a period of excess long remembered by for total lack of inhibition.

JIMMY PAGE, The Jimmy Page School of Guitar, Ross-Riff, Scotland


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