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New information has come forward concerning previously unknown Australian crop formations from years past, as ANDREAS MÜLLER notes…

The homepage of the ‘Australian UFO-research Network’ features a special chapter on what they call "Physical Traces" left by UFOs or occurring during UFO-events ‘down under’, running from 1927 (!) until 1999. The two researchers William Chalker and Keith Basterfield have compiled a extensive list of more than 150 such cases. Within a majority of so-called ‘UGMs’ (Unusual Ground Marks - circles and rings of discoloured, burnt or taken-away grass and fungus-circles) there are also more than 60 cases included that clearly describe what we call today crop circles.

Many of the reports also describe eye-witness reports of the formations’ creation, and not just in grass and crop; we have also reports of flattened and swirled patterns within bracken (farn), sugar cane and even strawberries. One report of 1966 describes the lay within a grass circle as follows:

"The previously 1m high grass over the whole centre of the block had been flattened and splayed out in a circle like a pack of cards."

They also take a detailed look at the famous 1966 UFO-nests at Tully, with some unseen photos of other circles that appeared nearby the same year.

This archive is pretty worthwhile, as it nearly always names the sources and references. Have a look:



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