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Last year, a fuss was caused when the US-based Midwest Research team, led by Ron Russell and Peter Sorensen, created ‘experimental’ crop formations in Wiltshire (see July 2001 archives). The latest issue of the UK ‘UFO Magazine’ (March 2002) takes them to task, big-time. MARCUS ALLEN sums up the article…

This is an issue of UFO Magazine which everyone interested in crop circles should buy. It's the one in a plastic bag with the UFO 2002 Directory on the cover.

In it is a new and well-researched article by Robert Hulse and David Cayton, which examines the Milk Hill and Chilbolton formations of 2001. Their investigations and conclusions provide persuasive evidence that the possibility of human involvement was zero.

They also take advocates of the hoax explanation to task for the less than factual reporting of the 'experiments' carried out by Ron Russell’s team last year. By the simple expedient of interviewing the farmer on whose land these 'experiments' were laid down, a very different story emerges. Reported comments from the team and observers such as "It is getting too dark to see what we are doing", "Made over two days in daylight", "On a scale of 1 to 10 they would have scored a 0 - they obviously need more practice", provide a more realistic and probably more truthful picture of what happened when a few people set out to 'prove' how easy it is to make a crop circle. Get a grip laddies!

[Ron himself, as might be expected, has described this report as “error-filled”, and a rebuttal from him will be printed in the next issue of ‘UFO Magazine’.]

The reported harassment of US researcher Linda Moulton Howe was unpleasant for her and an insight for us into the lengths some people will go to in order to push their agendas. Read it and weep.

Colin Andrews and his recent claims about government 'D Notices’ being placed around aspects of the 1990 ‘Operation Blackbird’ surveillance exercise also feature, as do quotes from this website’s esteemed editor!



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