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HIGH BRAYS INDEED - 11/02/2002

Swirled News is applauded by ROB BRAY for giving right of reply to "dissenting" voices…

I'd just like to say thanks for using my December e-mail about Matthew Williams and Michael Glickman. It speaks volumes for your integrity that you're willing to give space to a dissenting voice.

I also fully respect Mr Glickman's wish not to respond on this occasion. It's all been said before, I know. I just wanted to make a comment, and I appreciate the opportunity.

Whatever they're all about, certain facts are undeniable: crop circles are beautiful and inspiring. They're a thread of magic in the tapestry of life. The entire phenomenon - natural, supernatural, man-made, whatever - has got an irresistible grip on thousands of us, and I think we all love it, regardless of the competition for supremacy in the arena of explanation.

Great website - long may it continue!



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