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STICKY WICKETS - 09/02/2002

Turf grasses expert DON WILLIAMSON offers his thoughts on the circles that appeared on a cricket pitch recently (see Nov 2001 archives)...

Howdy. My name is Don Williamson. I have a Bachelors degree in Horticultural Technology and 14 years experience in dealing with amenity turf grasses such as those used on cricket pitches and low maintenance slopes.

The circles in the cricket pitch might be caused by fungal diseases that often appear circular when they manifest. That option would have to be explored to determine if fungal disease caused these circles.

The word ‘mayday’ in the hill [see October 2001 archives] is very likely the work of some prankster with a fertilizer spreader and a supply of quick release nitrogen fertilizer. I have used that technique to burn yardage markers into the rough on a practice hole on a golf course I worked at.

The true origin of many crop circles will one day be known. Keep up the good work!



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