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In a protest over the recent destruction of trees, circle-planker Matthew Williams could be in line to stand for election to the Devizes Town Council…

In a recently circulated e-mail, Matthew Williams has revealed the possibility that he could at some point attempt to stand for election to the Town Council of his nearest town Devizes, Wiltshire.

Williams has denied that this has anything to do with his circle-planking activities, but says instead that the move revolves around his involvement with a local group called ‘The Devizes Guardians’, who are protesting about the recent controversial removal of trees in the marketplace, and other contentious issues. He writes: “They may be considering my possible election to town council or some helping position for Devizes Guardians.”

Understandably, some local croppies have expressed their concern that they could find certain local decisions being influenced by an elected crop-cruncher! However, Williams is adamant that cerealogical concerns play no part in his participation with the local group.

Meanwhile, Williams (who has recently been rumoured to have been out in New Zealand making crop circles for some unknown project) blames other local denizen Michael Glickman for some of the fuss stirred up and is unrepentant about his openly-expressed doubts over the genuineness of Michael’s professorship (see our recent statement). He writes:

“As regards the ‘proof’ you print on your website as regards Michael Glickman’s apparent credentials, I do not consider a letter from a friend of Mr Glickman’s a suitable certificate of his professional credentials. In a similar fashion, if you asked me to prove to you that I had a degree, would you accept a letter from circlemaker John Lundberg saying that he knew me very well and that I really did have a degree? I don’t think so. If Mr Glickman wants to show us proper certification which belongs to himself and can be verified though regular channels then this will change everything. However, for the moment I am not convinced.”

As far as we are concerned, the letter of verification, as reproduced with our statement, is authentic and reliable and we have recommended to Williams that he contacts its author himself. We consider this matter closed.



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