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There are sometimes vague tales of snow circles, but only rare direct accounts. This December, two witnesses saw what they believe to be one

We have recently received a report from Peter Garratt, telling of an unusual shape seen in a snow-covered field.

Peter writes:

A circle-like formation in snow was seen by two friends of mine, Liz Williams and Charles North, when they were travelling from Gloucester to Brighton [southern UK] on 29th December 2001. I think they both assumed it was a hoax, but when I asked if they had seen footprints etc. that might confirm this, the answer was that there was no opportunity to stop and check.

Liz Williams states:

We noticed the circle as we were travelling across Hampshire - I think it was outside Winchester somewhere. It was about 1.00pm. It had recently snowed quite heavily and all the surrounding fields were thickly covered. However, one ploughed sloping field was bare of snow, and in the middle of it reposed a circle (quite complex, consisting of several rings) that appeared to be formed of snow. We were unable to stop, as there was traffic behind us and no nearby lay-by. However, we were intrigued by this curiously anomalous formation, as the field was a large one and it would have taken a considerable amount of effort (probably using a tractor) to clear the field of snow and create the circle.

The Winchester area has been rich in crop formations over the years, but whether this sighting relates to the familiar phenomenon, or was indeed some kind of snow-art or merely old archaeological hut marks showing up in the frozen landscape is unknown.

If anyone has further information on this, wed very much like to hear from you.


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