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NO T.L.C. ON TLC… - 23/01/2002

WILLIAM GAZECKI, independent filmmaker, attacks the recent TV documentary featuring crop circles shown on The Learning Channel, the channel that fails to teach...

Kudos to Gary Val Tenuta of Everett, Washington, USA for trying to take on TLC [The Learning Channel – see Gary’s recent letter]. I saw the same show. It was a joke. Those people are worse than politicians and they don't care (obviously) about anything but themselves. I know because I see them in action - up close and behind-the-scenes. I'm ‘in the business’ (showbiz, media, film... whatever you want to call it). Gary is, of course, completely correct in every criticism he makes. Does TLC give a damn? Of course not! That's why I make my own films, and distribute them ‘outside of the system’.

Just wait. They'll see. I'm making a crop circle documentary film as I write this. It'll be out this summer. And it will be a MAJOR release. And, as I expect it will be a tremendous success (I hope so, and am working very hard towards that), I'll probably get a call from these people asking me if I'll do a film for them. It always works that way. Not this time.



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