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TV TIMES - 23/01/2002

MATTHEW WILLIAMS adds his feedback on the National Geographic debunk programme (which he featured in), as reported recently...

To add to the points raised by the writer [Carol Pedersen], some portions of the Chris Packham interview were not exactly as they seemed. I was not given time, money or a proper field to demonstrate making a circle. The pathetic effort I showed was 10ft across. The camera team needed to get away quickly so we made this small circle and the extra segments which were “filmed later" were actually filmed shortly after the main segment.

However, everyone who has ever dealt with the media should know that this is how they work. They very rarely look into a subject with any depth. God knows why they chose to do a circles feature and God knows why they contacted me. They could just as easily have contacted Andy Thomas or someone else.

What people fail to realise is that media is entertainment. There are very few shows that would make the effort to look into this properly. However, for entertainment purposes there are as many pro-crop circle TV shows as ones that say they are made by people.

If people expect a fairer deal from TV, then they should become a cameraman, editor, director or producer. The world is full of people with differing opinions. The only way to be represented is to be out there.




We would dispute that there are “as many pro-crop circle TV shows” as debunks. The majority lean towards the negative. There are very few opportunities to put a positive slant on the phenomenon without attendant ridicule (albeit in just the tone of the presenter) or having to put up with 70% of the slot being taken up with discussing or showing hoaxing. There have been several attempts to mount positive shows from people within the industry, but they are either never shown or only come out as privately-released videos.

See also William Gazecki’s letter this week – Ed.


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