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MONKEY BUSINESS - 22/01/2002

AMY SPINA suggests crop circles, via the ‘Hundredth Monkey’ syndrome, may be leading us towards enlightenment...

I just wonder if the reason for these circles has something to do with the creating of a new symbolic paradigm within the unconscious of a new, more enlightened humanity to help along in and prepare for the transition of the planet. Maybe this is the outer world's (ET's) contribution to earth's transition into a new existence?

Perhaps just the mere appearance of the circles and people's awareness could create a shift? Like the ‘hundredth monkey’ phenomena where, once a certain amount of people having absorbed these images has been reached, visually and experientially, the deeper meaning would be then understood at some level within all of humanity, creating a new inner paradigm, or archetype.

I also think about the physical effects upon those who've visited the sites, eg. healing and debilitating effects, but I know that in practices involving healing work, true healing often creates both situations as well - that is relief in one part of the body, and pain in another - it's a process.

Then I think of all the people globally, who have been doing ‘lightwork’ (like myself, since the 80's), helping in different ways toward the healing, and therefore, transition of humanity and thus, the earth into a peaceful and heavenly place, and wonder if perhaps such work is creating visible manifestations elsewhere, almost as a thank-you, as well as a glimpse into the possibilities of what is to come as far as heaven-on-earth goes, and the instant manifestation of beauty globally, because of the human will being put to use in the right way.

I wonder if anyone, in regard to the crop circles' concentration in Wiltshire, has looked into the relationship of this location, and its opposite location directly on the other side of the earth? What is that place? Could there be a meaningful relationship there?

Thanks for your time and your website – very interesting!



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