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Setting a new low for debunking, Matthew Williams has recently been spreading a story that Michael Glickman is not a real Professor. The following sets the record straight…

It is regrettable that we even have to discuss this, but it has become necessary to balance a recent falsehood concerning Michael Glickman.

Sinking to hitherto uncharted depths of crop circle debunking, planker Matthew Williams’s ongoing campaign has now resorted to wrongfully undermining people’s professional reputations (rather bringing into question the supposed purity of Williams’s intentions as claimed by his few supporters - see Rob Bray’s recent contribution in Feedback).

In a letter submitted to Swirled News, but also circulated to various people in the crop circle world through e-mail, Williams writes (grammar and punctuation unedited):


“…In the case of Mr Glickman, his total refusal to provide us with any proof that he is a Professor leaves us with one conclusion, that he is in fact not one! This tallies with the statement given to me by Carol Guston of the USC, which is where Michael Glickman claimed to have worked as a professor. She says that he gave one lecture there and NOT as a professor. Why would she lie?

…Take this further and we are in receipt of other information which we will time the release of, relating to Mr Glickmans dark past and dirty deeds. It seems that the general public have two people they can believe in the race for the truth of crop circles.

…I again request to Mr Glickman that he give us any proof that he is a Professor and I will give a full apology on this point. Else, it rather goes to prove my point, doesn't it.”


These are extracts. The full and rambling text simply restates the standard Williams creed.

It is plain from these sentences that Williams’s intention here is primarily to conduct a personal vendetta against Michael Glickman and nothing of any deeper significance. It is no secret that Michael has been very openly critical of Williams, but a returned resentment so deep that it requires such an approach is surely detrimental to Williams’s claimed credibility.

The threats about ‘releasing’ more information from Michael’s “dark past and dirty deeds” are unpleasant and revealing. The referred to Carol Guston never worked with Michael, not being present at the University when he was, and she would not be in a position to know what Williams quotes.

The following letter, sent to us by the former Chairman of the U.S.C. Department of Architecture on 7th January 2002 sets the record straight. Readers will decide for themselves the truth of the matter:


Dear Sir,

Michael Glickman contacted me the other day, asking to me to verify his earlier academic status at the University of Southern California. Prior to this, allow me to state that Michael is an inspired and respected architect/educator, who, during his teaching period in Los Angeles, was associated with the office of Charles and Ray Eames and Konrad Wachsman who was the director of building science at U.S.C.

I have known Michael professionally now for 30 years, initially teaching a Design studio together at U.S.C. Michael continued to teach and practice as a consultant in Los Angeles for the next two years before returning back to London. Michael's presence left behind some of the most profound and memorable teaching experiences of that period, which can be readily attested to by a list of successful former students and faculty.

In conclusion, Prof. Michael Glickman was hired to teach at the School of Architecture and Fine Arts of the University of Southern California, in the academic years 1972, 1973 & 1974. A period of success, long remembered by his contribution.

If there are any questions in this regard, please contact me without hesitation.

Yours sincerely,

Graeme M. Morland. AIA.RIBA.
Former Chairman, Dept of Architecture, University of Southern California

5013 Reese Road
California 90505


Enough said.


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