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DR ELTJO HASELHOFF adds a belated point about our crop circle bread article back in September 2001 (which reported that Eltjo had publicly expressed health concerns over a Dutch artist’s plan to bake a loaf from crop circle grain)…

I just read your article about the crop circle bread stunt they were planning here, and your remark about me "bolting the door a little late", as crop circle grains have entered the food chain for a long time already. The difference was, that in this case the intention was to bake bread from circle seeds ONLY. I would therefore expect a big difference as compared to the factor 100.000 ‘dilution’ caused by industrial crop processing, as usually happens.

Every slice of bread contains perhaps 1 microgram of crop circle seeds, on average - in this case it would have been 100%. The basic reason to start the discussion was to emphasize the stupidity and ignorance of these people. But you're right - does it have sense to spend time on that?



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