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Well-known crop circle psychic and author PAUL BURA reports a remarkable recent discovery which confirms information he received some years ago…

It has long been my belief, as many of you know, that some crop circles are formed on the very sites that the ancients built their stone complexes, harnessing and amplifying the natural earth energy that exists (and has been proven to exist, though we are still chipping way at the knowledge of what this natural earth energy can really do) at these sites, and indeed many crop circles show this very same tendency of natural earth energy and, in some cases, healing.

In the book ‘JOEB – SERVANT OF GAIA’ [channelled teachings from ‘Joeb’, Symbol Creations 1995], I wrote in the Introduction:

“On August 13th 1992, a group of 12 people sat in meditation. The idea was to give an invocation to the Earth Goddess (Gaia) in the hope that she might help us to understand the crop circle phenomenon. During our meditation I was overshadowed by a spiritual entity, who we later learned was called Joeb (actually he was originally called Djung, but that’s another story). August 13th was a very wet and windy night and there was a full moon. Joeb spoke of vast changes that the planet would undergo, not only physically (10 years on we are STILL experiencing those changes), but through a gradual shift of consciousness to a higher frequency.

He spoke with compassion, understanding and love: “You called on my Lady, the Earth Goddess, whom I love and adore. I am her servant. You called Her and got me!”

In the book ‘QUEST FOR CONTACT’ (written by Andy Thomas and myself, S B Publications 1997), Andy wrote:

“At 8.00pm, with the storm hammering the window outside, the candles were put out and the group sat in silence and semi-darkness, turning the Sompting symbol over in their minds (Paul’s note: the 1992 Sompting crop circle symbol found in a field by St Mary’s church. We had gathered corn from the site which was strewn about the table). In thought, the crop patterns are freed from their two-dimensional cage and they can be twisted and turned in three-dimensional beauty. Many believe what we are seeing in our fields are simply flat representations of multi-dimensional energies and that we need to explore the designs in this way to unlock their secrets further.

Suddenly Paul’s breathing increased rapidly and his posture changed. In the gloom, I could just see that his facial muscles were being unnaturally stretched as if they were taking on a new persona. Those who had never witnessed the like of what was about to occur looked up, startled. A voice suddenly cut through the groan of the wind outside, dry and ancient, quiet but commanding. Although I had known of Paul’s ‘gifts’, I hadn’t realised until then just what ‘getting information’ entailed. Now I knew; this was what would have once been called a séance. The voice, speaking through Paul’s vocal chords, delivered a disturbing message (edited version):

“The circles are just the beginning, planted by Man to make him think… or to make him scoff. The weather… strange. There will be much more. Man will be forced to know of what is to pass. Do not listen to those who scoff because within you, you know. This is very important. Nature is so powerful, so awe-inspiring. Man has made her angry; she is in pain. She is crying for help and you CAN help. You have work to do. I have seen the spirit of the earth in all Her beauty, brilliant and wonderful. I am privileged to bask in this. Look within yourselves, you will find Her there. There will be damage along this coastline; a little bit here; a little bit there. But you must not despair.”

With these last words, Paul’s breathing quietened again and all was still. His face was once again his own. Nobody said a word, stunned.“

You must be wondering why I am quoting from these books. Don’t worry, all will be revealed.

Quoting again from ‘JOEB – SERVANT OF GAIA’, I wrote:

“On the 28th September 1993, on a grey, rainy day, David Russell (the dowser and archaeologist), Andy Thomas, Quenton Cole (my nephew) and I started on a journey to Sudbury in Suffolk, in search of the site of a stone henge that Joeb had told us about. Joeb wished to prove to us his existence as an ordinary underling priest, during the end of the first century and the beginning of the second century AD.

He had told us that the site was near water. The henge, he told us, consisted of two circles with a horseshoe shape in the middle. Although the henge itself would no longer be there, the energy points of where they once stood would remain, and be easily dowsable.

We knew the site was indeed near water, for when we map-dowsed the area and found the site, it was close to the River Stour, which runs almost the entire length of Sudbury, near the Downs Walk. It was also only a couple of miles from Borley, once known as the most haunted place in England. Joeb told us that Borley Rectory, which was burned down in 1928, was on the site of an ancient temple that was once used as a gateway between the worlds but was misused and became corrupt.

On the way to Sudbury we stopped for lunch, where David and I decided to map-dowse for the actual village where Joeb lived. We found it. We also found the site of the graveyard. We reasoned that we might just as well check it all out while we were at it!

We arrived at the site of Borley Hall. The Downs Walk meanders its way past the bottom of Borley Hall’s driveway, then across country. I parked the car whilst the others gathered their dowsing tools and maps ready for the walk. I expected a long wait in the car. (I’m a polio person, and for me walking any distance is a no-no!) Suddenly Quenton came bounding back along the path. “You can drive right there,” he said, sliding into the passenger seat, and we were off! As we drove along, Andy and David loomed into view. David had already picked up the direction, and within only a few minutes the dowsing rods were pointing at a ploughed field; a field where, incidentally, I could park facing the area where we believed Joeb’s stones once stood.

Quenton got there first, following the far perimeter of the field. I could see him clearly, waiting for David and Andy to catch up. Little did I, or Quenton, know that he was standing almost exactly in the middle of where Joeb’s stones once stood! I tuned in and felt a wave of excitement. Joeb told me that this was the place!

After half an hour they returned to the car. “The outer circle is 30m wide,” said David, wiping the mud from his boots. “The inner circle is about 10m, but we couldn’t get near the centre because there’s a ditch.” (Joeb had told us the outer circle had energy running anticlockwise, the inner circle ran clockwise, but in the centre the stones were shaped like a horseshoe. This was known as the Seat of Power.) Later, we map-dowsed the site and found the outer circle had nine stones, the inner eight stones, and the Seat of Power had five stones, exactly as Joeb had told us in a previous meeting. (See illustration.)

We then decided to find the site of Joeb’s village (which was known as ‘Orik’). We found the site only a few miles away. Without permission from the farmer, we decided not to get too close to the site of the village, but the site of the graveyard (a ploughed field) was very typical of a Celtic graveyard, on a slope near water. The field curved down to the River Stour below.

We had all brought posies of flowers as a gift to the guardian of the stone circle, and also to the Earth Goddess herself. We had only one posy left. We intended to dowse for Joeb’s grave and place the flowers on top of it as a gesture of respect! In the car, Joeb spoke: “I appreciate the gesture, my friends, but it was a long time ago. The bones of that body are no longer there. You have done well today. Now you have a little proof of my existence, and I thank you all for your work.”

After his interview with Joeb on 21/9/93, Michael Green [now CCCS president] stated in his subsequent transcript notes:

“No Stonehenge-like monuments have ever been recorded this far east in England, and if they ever existed they must have been rarer than those recorded in the north and west. However, it is possible that the glacial erratics from the Boulder Clay could have been used for constructional purposes. The monument, as described by Joeb, is unusually complex (even of its type) with its double ring and central ‘cove’, as archaeologists term this particular feature. The nearest surviving examples are to be found in the Derbyshire group, and in particular at Arbor Low which has a ‘cove’ and continued as a focus of local worship into the Bronze Age.”


A Swirled News reader (Christine Rudderham) recently sent to Andy Thomas and I a newspaper cutting from the EAST ANGLIAN DAILY TIMES, dated November 13th 2001.

The central feature of the story tells us that a previously undiscovered but very important stone circle of eleven sarsens, boulders made from sandstone, has been found in the grounds of St Barnabas Church, Alphamstone, near SUDBURY in Suffolk! (Christian churches were usually built on or over the site of Pagan religion, thereby superimposing their beliefs over that of the Pagans!) Experts now think that they have discovered a miniature Stonehenge. The report goes on to say that though sarsens are not rare, but geologists believe the collection at Alphamstone is the largest outside Wiltshire, home to the famous Stonehenge and several other renowned sites and formations. The article concludes that the rocks were formed in Britain’s hot climate of more than 20 million years ago, and were then swept through the STOUR VALLEY during the Ice Age. Group chairman, Gerald Lucy, of the Heritage group, ESSEX Rigs, says: “Although several sarsen rocks can be seen scattered around, a formation like this is UNIQUE IN THE REGION [Paul’s caps]. It is without doubt the largest collection recorded outside Wiltshire.”

Although this might not be conclusive proof (dowsing is a dodgy art, no matter how good you are) of the fact that Joeb existed in another life as a kind of Priest of the Stones, at least we now know for sure that the material DID exist in the area where he lived, whereby his people, or people like him, could build these marvellous stone complexes, and that the area WAS home to stone circles.

As for crop circles, I conclude with what I started with: the notion that certain patterns already existing in the ground are activating and bringing down the crops to produce these marvellous Patterns of Power. For that is what they are and nobody can tell me otherwise! And why NOW? You tell me, for I think in your heart of hearts that you know the answer to that question.


‘JOEB – SERVANT OF GAIA’ is out of print, and there are only a few copies left of ‘QUEST FOR CONTACT’, but Paul’s autobiography ‘STEPPING TO THE DRUMMER: The Extraordinary Tales of a Psychic Man’ which covers the aforementioned subjects and contains the fuller Michael Green/Joeb interview IS available through all bookshops, ISBN 0-9527924-2-7, Honeytone Promotions 2000, or can be ordered on the Net at:


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