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BROWNED OFF - 10/01/2002

ALLAN BROWN takes issue with some of the questioning and analytical layers in all of us, as highlighted in Robert Gilson’s letter last year about the 2001 Milk Hill spiral formation… (To remind yourself of that letter’s content, check it out elsewhere in Feedback under ‘MILK HILL SPIRAL QUESTIONED’, 26-08-01)

A late reply to a letter posted in the Feedback section of Swirled News on 26-08-01.

From a very calm and reassuringly balanced perspective, Robert Gilson wrote a letter to Swirled News in which he called into question certain assumptions people were making about the large formation that appeared above Milk Hill in the summer of last year. Now, I do not wish to take Robert Gilson to task personally for this article, as he expressed his opinion admirably and the points he raises are indeed valid.

What I am going to take to task is the Robert Gilson that exists in all of us. [NB. the Robert Gilson that is expressed in this article and not all the other lovely parts of Mr. Gilson that I am neglecting to mention] By this, I mean the part of us that acts as park keeper to the rational, the logical and the well-pruned orderliness of our inner park, for important though the 'parkie' may be, he's also the killjoy that stops us playing football, sliding our skateboards down the railings and, well, generally having fun.

The thing is, at the end of the day, he's both keeper and gaoler, and he works for 'THE KEEPER', the biggest, baddest keeper of them all, and 'THE KEEPER'S' headquarters is right here in the fulcrum of our hearts. He's our best friend and our worst enemy, and although he may keep our park safe, it's him that'll be keeping the ball when push comes to shove.

At what point do we stop taking notice of the sign that's telling us to 'KEEP OFF THE GRASS', when there our football lies, forlornly, in the middle of a veritable sea of the stuff, and along with it all our fun, innocence and excitement?

Will it be the unstuffing of the social fabric if a law is transgressed, and the ball is retrieved? Are we going to allow ourselves to slip through the gap in the fence and run wild in the autumn leaves, or should we report the gap to the 'keeper' and have him come and fix it up? At what point do we give ourselves enough slack to allow the magnitude, the subtlety, the depth and the compassion of this phenomenon to manifest itself within. I assume that what is happening within is inextricably linked to what is happening without.

One of the extraordinary things about this phenomenon is its ability to push the most sensitive buttons presently pushable in the human psyche. Why are we looking for proof or scientific verification for what is occurring inside? How can a piece of technological kit, or electronic gadgetry ever verify anything to me about the nature of what is occurring inside me, the most perfect piece of kit the universe has ever assembled? (And I've had people tell me that to my own face!) Well, quite evidently it can't, and yet am I going to suspend my own personal connection to the divine, to the self and to the world, until I get the right nitrate reading, the correct swing of a pendulum or the required voltage on a plasma vortex detector?

I mean, come on. The planet is on her knees, giving up every last drop of life blood left in herself, in order that we may sustain our insanity for a little longer. And are we grateful? Are we f***!

Here's the crux of the matter. There isn't going to be any ultimate proof, truth or revelation in which it's all going to make any sense. The answer is not out there, it's inside and it’s happening right here and right now. You are being tested in the most profoundly crafted headspace that the universe can conjure up. And, yes, you are then having to ask a series of most profound and shocking questions of oneself, and if its a mindmaul, well, then that's what it takes to start tweaking our awakening cosmic perspective on self, other, and the universe it all appears to be happening in.

In a strange way, it is the very nature of that open-minded, balanced, rational enquirer with which we posture and talk in sombre tones of real research committees, and scientific jargon this and gizmo-reading that, which is actually getting in the way of the real job in hand, which is downing tools and measuring up to that ultimate abyss. That kernel of discomfort is right at the core of the matter. Trust myself or trust what people have told me to trust.

I suspect no amount of praying to the 'circlemakers' is going to have you rewarded with your own personal 'proof' in the 'genuineness' of this phenomenon. No amount of hanging around for Dr Levengood's findings will remove that veneer of paranoia that's clutching your soul. What would be the point in that? So that you alone are chosen above all others to know the truth without having to go through the uncomfortableness, the unfathomable depth of that sensitive spot that is being tweaked? Well, the truth and the proof is right inside your heart. Come on, only YOU can get to the bottom of this. The point is that its YOU that's going to have to do it. No amount of eye-witness reports, footage of balls of light, bent nodes, dead flies, or camera batteries draining is going to ultimately convince you of anything. No one can go through the shit for you. You alone are going to have to make the decision, to trust your intuition which is manifesting in unparalled ways, or the park keeper, which is telling you to hold on a bit, to wait for something a bit more real or a bit more scientific to come along.

What proof do we really need? Aren't 800-feet psychedelic patterns of swirled wheat, that read one's thoughts and reflect back things you didn't even suspect you'd ever think, let alone see manifesting around you, proof enough that something extraordinary is going on here? I mean, let's get real; all the time you approach this thing with 'Percy the Park Keeper' in control, you're avoiding the issue at hand. He can't give you the answer, because the answer’s not coming down those channels. We've got to feel our way through this one and we have to trust ourselves in the exactly the way we thought we might just avoid having to, if we kept our heads down and towed the party line. But what good is that now! The circles are unstoppable, they're getting more and more complex, more and more audacious, reflecting more and more stuff, as more and more people start to allow the contents of their heads to be gently ordered, mutually worked with, and in some profound manner allowed to spill out over into manifestation.

Perhaps I should of heeded the park keeper's warnings and 'Kept off the Grass', but as one who has worked hard to allow myself to think the unthinkable, to believe the unbelievable, I am deeply and profoundly grateful to this teaching, for manifesting about me at this time and in this place.

Rest assured that no-one knows or understands this any better than you. Trust it, it is alright, it is us and we are experiencing a growth, a shifting, a widening, and a deepening understanding of reality and self. It must be this way and it is this way.



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