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SEAL DEAL - 09/01/2002

ROBERT SHREWSBURY draws links between crop circles, magic seals and the Mayan people...

I just pulled up some info on crop circles and find them very interesting.

I think that there is a possibility of them relating to Talismanic Magical Seals and that kind of work.

You might read a book called ‘The 6th and 7th Book of Moses’; some of the Seals in that book look similar to some of the crop circles.

In some ancient ‘Magic Works’, these Seals were drawn on the ground and spirit representatives from other worlds and constellations would come and visit.

I have spent some time with the MAYAN people in Central America and have seen similar circles in their ceremonies.

Some of the ancient tall people here in America buried their dead in vertical spiral tombs and there are many spirals carved on various stones and cliffs as well as some strange circles.



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