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IN DREAMS… - 08/01/2002

MARCIA KAYES dreamt about the 2001 Milk Hill spiral before seeing it…

My name is Marcia, I am a married, 37-year old zoo keeper in Florida, and recently on a trip to North Carolina I had an amazing dream. I was walking through a forest and suddenly I looked down and I saw this beautiful object, it was round in shape and a whitish color. It varied in its thickness and was covered in circular shapes that were like holes in it and it was about two feet across. When I picked it up, it began vibrating with a wonderful vibration. I felt in the dream that the vibration was very healing and joyful. I drew the shape when I woke up and put my journal away.

I came across your crop circle website and it almost blew me away that there on the first page was the exact shape from my dream. It is the crop circle at Milk Hill!! I am absolutely amazed!! Have you ever heard of people dreaming about certain shapes? I keep looking at the image and I can't believe it. I simply had to tell someone!

Thank you.



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