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How did the crop circle phenomenon lead DR IAN C BAILLIE to discover he was the reincarnation of a Confederate cavalryman from the 19th Century..? In his own words, Dr Baillie describes how he reached this conclusion and came to write the just-published account of all this in his book ‘Rebel Spirit’…

I am often asked how the spectacular mathematical landscape phenomenon known simply to all and sundry as ‘crop circles’ is linked to everything else that is going on in our rapidly evolving fast-paced technological world. The beauty is that the phenomenon speaks to each of us individually, on a deeply personal almost intimate level. It is truly interactive and enlightening in the most incredible way. For me the crop circles are and have always been gateways to the advancement of personal consciousness, literally as I termed some several years' back, "the keys to consciousness." By this, I specifically imply that they remove material blockages to personal spiritual progress. For as you view them they expand your awareness of the Universe and as with me they blew away my outdated mechanistic paradigms. Up until I experienced the phenomenon personally, I was a nuts and bolts scientist, everything had a Newtonian feel to it, cause and effect, everything seemed material, solid and permanent. But the circles taught me that I was dead WRONG! That there is much more to life than this extremely self-limiting view point. I was about to be shaken out of my cozy worldview and undergo a radical spiritual makeover…

I entered the fields to collect my own data, as for me with the crop circles there was a real physical effect that could be measured and recorded - good science could be done. At the time, 1994, hardly any scientist had dared to take interest for fear of peer ridicule! The early circles of the seventies and eighties were curios that I kept a weather eye on, but in 1989 the phenomenon exploded and grew ever more complex literally overnight. I found the patterns to allude to higher learning, mathematical precision and increased complexity. I went from thinking it may be UFO nests - to it must be stealth games played by the military - to WOW!!! This is really something else, they are telling us of unseen multiple dimensions and of a Universal Intelligence - they are telling us of GOD!!!

It was all so positive, I reasoned it just couldn't be the military. This was a much higher intelligence. Study-wise I found them a good guide for inspiration, literally signposts for what to look for, what to study. The 1991 Barbury Castle 4D tetra simplex and the Mandelbrot Set at Ickleton, Cambridge led me into studying hyper-dimensional maths, sacred geometry and fractal mathematics!

For me these were all new and inspiring concepts of enormous importance; doors began to open in my mind and paradigms were busted. Then came David Percy and David Myers with their astounding book ‘Two Thirds’ and I was greatly impressed by the revolutionary concepts put forward in their epic intuitively-written tome. I attended two talks by David Percy about the crop glyphs, the Avebury-Earth-Mars connection, 19.5, harmonic ratios and the spinning disc... that was it. I had to go see this for myself.

In 1994 I took my wife and daughter aged six, to Wiltshire to get in touch with our roots, to the sacred sites. ‘Two Thirds’ had ignited the fire that was smouldering within. May 31, we stood on Silbury Hill and to my utter amazement I saw my first crop circle, the famous scorpion on West Kennet Longbarrow, with just the top three inches of barley turned over, literally as if the whole crop had been lightly impressed with a hot iron. That was it.... I was hooked!

I returned on July 21, with my family and my Dutch friends Jan and Agnes Sanders, whereupon we discovered the freshly-created huge eye formation in the East Field at Alton Barnes. Incredibly it had happened at 4.00am that very morning. His wife even thought that I knew it was there, as we had driven two hours direct from a caravan site in Dorset like a homing torpedo straight to it! Coincidentally, it was the 25th anniversary of man walking on the Moon, July 20, stateside due to time difference. I had felt the energy at four in the morning; unknowingly I was beginning to develop my latent powers of tuning in! I was becoming connected to what I now term the Outer-net!

I knew something had happened and ‘coincidence’, which is the norm for how things work here in the physical matrix, had led me directly to it unerringly, as straight as an arrow. For the first time in my entire life I had just let go and followed my intuition. Dowsing the crop I was knocked out at the power of the energy flowing in the glyph. To me, in design it looked like the very UFO/spinning disc craft David Percy had been talking of the previous year. We were on an amazing high for the rest of the season; it was an euphoric feeling of discovery that I had never ever experienced before.

More research followed and I went from strength to strength. The next year I made two visits to the fields, but also, significantly, I went on a one-day symposium discussing the survival of death. The venue was the University of Kent at Canterbury, south-east England. This was the scene for a radical ground-breaking symposium given by intellectual, academic and spiritual workers to explode the taboo of speaking about death scientifically. It was to be a crucial ‘coincidence’ in the sea of coincidence that I was beginning to experience and wholeheartedly embrace.

The speakers were revolutionary! Many topics were covered and the scientific evidence to date was displayed such as that on Near Death Experience and a veritable battery of other more anecdotal evidence. But most significantly for me personally, Ron Pearson, a retired engineer, gave his ‘Intelligence Behind The Universe’ talk and outlined his persuasive mathematical argument for the structure of the sub-quantum ether. Coincidence took over again as I saw him enter the refectory, lunch tray in hand. I cheekily called over to him "Ron, over here Ron!" and he came over to sit with me for lunch! We had a great chat and I felt honoured to be speaking to this venerable gentleman with such great ideas.

Later that day I purchased a copy of, and then subsequently read, his somewhat complex mathematical book. I was greatly impressed, for within the complex maths lay the basis for demonstrating that all, yes all, anomalous phenomena could not only be explained, but in fact were predicted by his theory and maths. I felt that he was on the right track, yet crucially he was unaware of the multiple dimension geometry aspect that I was now au fait with thanks to the crop circles. This was the piece of information that I was able to bring to the party! My own Intelligent Universe thesis was starting to take shape.

Then came 1996 and this was the year I took to the skies in a microlight, to capture some of the first images and video footage of the triple Julia Set crop formation at Avebury Trusloe. This was to be another landmark in personal revelation and paradigm-smashing. My daughter accompanied me on the two field trips, as my mother-in-law was sadly very ill with cancer and my wife had to be with her during the summer recess. My insights helped to comfort her as she struggled with a relapse after chemotherapy. I myself had been ill with cancer in 1979-80, then aged just 26. I had been to hell and back and I therefore knew only too well what she was going through, but sadly her condition was too advanced for the aggressive chemical treatment to be successful. In March 1997, she passed away.

I continued with my research; by now the ‘Flower of Life’ workshop had come onto the scene in England and it was so exciting to have such an authoritative version of what we had pieced together in part from fragmentary isolated study inspired by the crop circles. As with ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ in 1994, I had already discovered moves 1 to 7 by my own experiences, research and experiment. But here it all was in one workshop and book for everybody to share! I still thrill to the power of ideas and the ability of books to change one’s perception of life in an instant - truly remarkable.

The best way to learn is to teach! I was persuaded earlier by a local group to give a single lecture on UFO propulsion systems in 1994. This had accelerated rapidly into a series of lectures. I went from topic to topic, gratified to find that an enthusiastic audience could benefit from my research and accumulated knowledge. The topics included ancient science, crop circle and sacred geometry, the Mayan calendar - 2012 and all that -, the Cydonia-Mars-Earth connection, 19.5 and fractal time-wave theories by Terence McKenna, etc.

I am what I term a ‘technical translator’, able to make complex ideas and information understandable to everybody. Although teaching all day everyday at school, I also went wider afield in my vacations and weekends. I lectured in London, Medway and East Anglia, as more groups heard of me, so the news spread that I was a good speaker and I was invited to venues more often.

Then came three big conferences in 1997 to 1998. Our local groups, The East Kent UFO Research Unit and Astrasearch of Thanet, hosted ‘UFOKENT 1997’ in the spring of that year and the ‘Return of UFOKENT 1997’ in the Fall. People were hungry for, and wanting to share, knowledge. The following year ‘UFOKENT ‘98’ was held in the Fall.

I talked on Relativity, the embryo Intelligent Universe thesis I was preparing, and, of course, crop circles, and showed my original video footage and geometric diagrams. Significantly, on the ‘Return 1997’, I ended with what for me was a very personal and emotional note. The ‘X-Files’ episode entitled ‘The Field’ had just been aired on TV; it was basically about Mulder reliving his past life in the Civil War. For some reason this had struck a tremendous resonant chord within me. So much so that I ended my talk with a clip from the show saying that this had been like “a knife between the shoulder blades”, when I had viewed this particular scene and episode. I then told the audience of my re-enactment of the Civil War when aged between 10 and 15. It was totally emotional and so opposite to my normal clear-cut scientific tone and matter-of-fact delivery that the audience drew a breath.

After that momentous personal event I coined the phrase, "Emotion is the language of the soul." I realized that I had reawakened something very deep and disturbing within myself. Yet it was something that I had to resolve, no matter how terrifying, in order to make personal spiritual progress. And so began the great journey of exploration inside - as all good spiritual teachers have taught, enlightenment is to be found by contemplating that which is inside. The monster lurking within my subconscious had to be confronted. I was consciously ready at that point to take it on, head to head. But at that time I had absolutely no idea of what I would find!

Apart from our two field trips to Wiltshire, I had taken my daughter to Chessington World of Adventure that summer - here we had dressed up as a family and taken a Civil War picture in the Old Time photo shop. This was to prove significant in the events that unfolded two years later; synchronicity of events were unknowingly occurring, although at the time my actions appeared random to my conscious mind.

Then 1998 came. I completed my fifth season in the field and as the weather was bad for the end of August I was unable to sail my little boat at Herne Bay on the north Kent coast, so I busied myself decoding the glyphs from that year. I had encountered the ‘squaring the circle’ geometric principle the previous year and I was surprised and elated to find the same ratios on display in that year's crop glyphs!

Such elegance was being displayed in England's green and golden fields that I gave several talks, showing my newly discovered revelations, described to the audience as a “geometric firework display”! This clearly showed the advanced design, nature and elegance of true crop circles over the more amateur ‘human efforts’, as I had come to regard them. In my drawings I had shown how to detect fakes through the total lack of geometric harmonics and golden phi ratios. It was then that I developed my system for rating the intelligence behind the crop formations, which I happily ascribed to that year's crop:

Hopeless Hoaxer - Inspired Amateur - Mathemagician!

Since 1995, the Internet had played an integral part in my studies, initially with crop circles as the prime mover, but rapidly diversifying to encompass all other anomalous phenomena that I was interested in. This was to be the climax of my crop circle research effort thus far, but fate, coincidence, serendipity, whatever, had other ideas up its sleeve and I was about to embark upon my life's mission. I was always aware that the crop circles were not an end unto themselves, but that one had to look beyond the circles. I was now unexpectedly going to find out exactly what that meant!

In 1999, my daughter had taken her Grammar School test for the top 24% selection of pupils at age 11 and she had passed. My 11-year career at school seemed to have come to a natural end too. I had stuck at my job to get my daughter through the system. Then, exactly on cue, the Universe dealt me my ace card; the life mission for which I had prepared for was about to take centre stage and is perhaps best explained in the opening words of my book, ‘Rebel Spirit’:

“On World Book Day, March 25, 1999 in a Folkestone bookshop, situated on the South coast of England, I discovered the photograph of a long-dead Confederate soldier. The book coincidentally opened at the precise page, the name coincidentally was my name and the face coincidentally was my face; it was all far too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence!

Gazing into the looking glass of time I spied a familiar reflection, for I recognized the person in the picture. Incredibly, he appeared to be me, me as I was 138 years ago in another time and another place. Then, over the next two years with research and the use of emotional memory painting, the whole story unfolded in vivid emotional Technicolor. I had always felt that I did not belong in this time or place, a common feeling that many of us often have. This confusion of identity had reigned supreme in my life for 44 years, but now all that had changed. With the discovery of the photograph and its associated story nothing in my life would ever be the same again. Suddenly all became clear; I had been right all along, my feelings and emotions had not betrayed me. I realized then, that this odyssey of understanding had begun some 35 years ago, when in the playground as a small 10-year old I spied something familiar; the bright pristine images of a long forgotten war that had happened then a century ago.

The year was 1964 and the conflict of a hundred years previous was that of the American Civil War. Coincidentally, it was exactly 100 years to the day that a Private soldier named Alexander Baillie Kell, was fighting desperately in the ranks of the 5th Georgia Cavalry, as the epic Battle for Atlanta was about to reach its horrifying summer climax. The Civil War was to redefine the destiny of America and with it shape the major events of world history up until the present day. For we are still living with the reverberating aftershocks of the emotional trauma of that titanic conflagration. Little was I to know then that I myself might be one of those reverberating aftershocks, fallout from the bloodiest war in American history.”

Wow... it slowly dawned on me that this was what the world had been waiting for, the definitive evidence that subconscious emotional memory survives physical death!

I had now typed up my Intelligent Universe thesis and was gratified to find that an American University would offer me an Honorary Doctorate for my efforts over the past 10 years. The thesis was beginning to be a book and taking shape on my computer, but as this would be essentially other peoples work for the most part, it would not be my own contribution to the raising of the collective awareness. I realized, however, that my discovery of ‘Baillie’ [Ian’s 19th Century counterpart] was unique and that this just had to be made available to the public. This is what I could offer to the ongoing process of spiritual evolution unfolding on our planet at present. The crop circles had prepared me for this very task and I would accept their challenge!

The experiment reached an emotional crescendo in January to July 2000, in what I can only describe as six months of ultra-extreme remote viewing, a process literally transcending time and space. I stood between two separate physical worlds in time, accessing with my conscious mind the data logged in a previous existence. I emerged shattered, but victorious. I had retrieved the complete memory records of my own past. With the help of my ‘Scully’ - Rosie Lagrue, coincidentally Head of Religious Studies at school - we had beaten the system. I had accessed the entire deep-seated trauma that had been driving me subconsciously on for 46 years. Now we knew we had a best seller! The true story of Baillie, The 5th Georgia Cavalry and the Civil War. But the twist in the tail was the best bit... in the words of the book synopsis:

“Yet, even more breathtaking; an experiment evolved in which the technique of emotional memory painting was used to unlock the compelling romantic story of a secret love affair on the Coastal Tidewater of antebellum Georgia. Incredibly, the indelible images of innocent aristocratic beauty, long blonde hair and the ever-present lighthouse had all been key subliminal factors in the triggering of events throughout Ian's present life.

The shock realization dawned that the entire story was being re-enacted by the people, places and events that surrounded Ian. Not only therefore was this just the personal past-life memory of a single being, but an exciting insight into the workings of the physical matrix that we call our world, demonstrating how soul clans come together as spiritual beings enjoying an earthly journey in order to solve past emotional trauma.

This, for Ian, was to be the crowning achievement of 20 years work into understanding the true nature of consciousness, space and time. An insight that just had to be shared with the world, it is no coincidence that this is entirely coincidental with the present phase in the evolution of our home planet. Ian humbly suggests that this may be the key scientific evidence that the Universal Intelligence behind the Matrix wants publicly known at this present time and that it will contribute as such to humanity’s continued evolution; it is without doubt, a vital sign of our times. The implications of this discovery will reassure and impact on every living human being in this, the physical matrix that is our home. The evidence is undeniable, the conclusion stunning - it simply must be read.”

Rebel Spirit is more than just the complete record of what I believe is one of the most important experiments into consciousness in modern times. It is the true story of a personal spiritual odyssey of discovery that evokes haunting images of a past world of chivalry and passion set against the trauma of a mighty Civil War. Yes, in the end, when all is said and done and the boys' toys, horses, gunpowder etc. are packed away - it is a love story.

The crop circle phenomenon is not in my opinion an end unto itself. But rather a key to unlock the door of our infinite potential, and so, just as I have unlocked my own personal potential, so humanity can unlock its potential - this for me is the true importance of the humble circles in the crop.

As Dave, of infamous ‘Doug and Dave’ hoaxing fame, said in 1993 just before he died: "Now we have revealed that we have created all of the crop circles, they will cease. I can't see what the fuss is all about, after all it’s just circles in the corn!"

How wrong can you be! The circles are the most exquisite and elegant manifestations of advanced intelligence, which herald a global DIY spiritual awakening. Exactly what the consumer-oriented materialistic Governments of the world appear not to want, especially as we approach 2012 and the end of the present Cycle of Time.

I now believe that they will have no choice in the matter. We must change, and this will come about rapidly as the system is challenged to confront and solve a myriad of global problems such as terrorism, starvation, pollution and disease. We must remember that there are now several billion souls present physically on the surface of this planet, most of who have not been here before! The spectre of fear, guilt and repression of the last 5000 years of human struggle does not weigh them down - they will ultimately tip the balance for major change. They cannot be contained by the fear-based tactics of the past - this time humanity will reach its potential. It is our destiny and that of our beautiful blue jewel of a planet; spirit will win over matter and greed! We are all here to make it happen, we chose to be here at this time and place in order to make a difference.

Me, well I'm just an old Confederate cavalryman, a simple spiritual soldier in the ranks, doing the job I signed up for before I re-entered the physical matrix, June 4, 1954. I just am just a Rebel Spirit and I'm here to help break the self-imposed chains of paradigm-restricted consciousness and tear down the illusory fabric of the physical matrix that holds our souls captive.

From matrix dweller to cosmic surfer in one easy move!

‘REBEL SPIRIT: EVIDENCE FOR THE CONTINUITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS’ by Dr Ian C Baillie, 347 pages, paperback, UPSO 2001, ISBN: 1-84375-000-7. UK price £11.99.

For details and online ordering, visit:

Or write to: UPSO Ltd, 5 Stirling Road, Castleham Business Park, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN38 9NW, UK. Tel: 01424 853349. Fax: 01424 854084

Confederate Baillie
Confederate Baillie


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